book Suggestions


Super addicting read. The names are hard to keep straight and there is some serious violence but I love this book - it’s part of a series.


See above! Book two of three. I read both of these then decided to hold off on finishing the third book because I was in college and needed to study not stay up until 2 am reading. ;)

A quick read. Romance, drama. Highly recommended.

Great book. It has a lot of adversity. But it shows you the importance of positivity and doing the right thing.


Great book series. Definitely a teen series but I read them quickly and loved them. Great movies too. Books are better.


I love Nicholas Sparks. A book about an abuser women finding trust again.

It’s been a while since I read this but it’s another great teen book series. I quite enjoy science-fiction


Second book in the series.


I love the Divergent Series. Another teen futurist story with romance. Great movies too.


Obviously one of the best love stories. I cry every time I watch the movie. The book is even better.


Reminded me of Safe Haven. A mystery and drama that isn’t too scary - it doesn’t keep you up at night. I enjoyed it.


Brene Brown is amazing. This book wasn’t my favorite of hers but I liked it. It’s about being alone and I am very good alone.


A good reminder to stop every now and then and play away your anxiety and fear - play it away as play like a child.


Great book for understanding how your body processes food and dietary recommendations to keep you fully and healthy. I love her smoothie recipes.


I liked this Brene Brown book better. It’s about standing up and changing how we see and react. I really do love her books and Ted Talks


One of the best. I read it in high school during AP English so it helped to have an English teacher explain it.

A little too religious for me but the stories and the meanings behind them are good for everyone.


One of the best books I’ve read regarding therapy. Susan helps you realize your relationship with your parents and how to move forward.


I didn’t enjoy this book. It was twisted and the end became predictable fast. About 75% of the way through I guessed the end, read ahead, was right, and stopped reading.


Definitely a psychological thriller. I loved it; I did not see the end coming at all. It has the perfect amount of twistedness.


Another good psychological thriller by Gillian. I liked two of her three books. Another end you don’t see coming.


Listened to this book on tape. Great book during WWII.

Twilight series. I read them all pretty quick. A great teen romance. We all wish we were vampires after this one.


My favorite book of all time. I also read this during AP English in high school so it was helpful to have a teacher to help analyze it.