Hi! Thanks for stopping by and having an interest in working with me. I am always ready & willing to collaborate with other like minded brands and businesses. Below I have listed some of the experiences I had with brands in the past; however, I am always open to new ideas! I believe in living life to the fullest and showcasing amazing experiences through writing, photography, and recently videography. It's not only the product that counts but the fun you having using it.

I offer high quality, styled photos that coincide with your brand and/or mission statement. I create photos targeted towards your audience (I do my research!) and edited to match your web and social media needs. In addition to beautiful photos, I have found that the story that accompanies them is just as important therefore I always provide an accompanying storyline. I am more than willing to take creative control or work with you to make your ideas come to life.


I love photography and any opportunity to showcase your product, business, or event. I can offer both flay-lay and action/"real life" photos. I love going on adventures and finding the special photo that best showcases you! I am open to suggestions if you have ideas in mind; however, I always have an idea or two. I believe we can work together to create memorable, authentic, and timeless photos. In addition, I am always open to you using one of my photos. I recently was contacted by Bozeman Magazine and will be featured on the front cover of their magazine.


I recently started vlogging. I have read many articles that Facebook and Instagram are preferentially showcasing videos. I have not made a video for a brand yet; however like I said, I am always up for a challenge. I have quite a few videographer contacts that would be willing to chime in when needed!


I LOVE blogging - blogging was the beginning of it all for me, as I started this blog years ago. I write a blog post about each collaboration. I share each post to all 5 of my social media accounts in addition to pinning each photo on my personal Pinterest. I also create a few "pin for later" posts to encourage later use. When I was living in Reno I was a lifestyle blogger for an online news blog This Is Reno and in high school I wrote for my high school news paper. Also throughout pharmacy school I was involved in many pharmacy associations and through that involvement wrote articles and created newsletters/PowerPoint presentations/ect.


I have been fortunate enough to have some amazing photographer friends. Together we have created some fun styled photo shoots. Additionally I am a model for The Montana Scene and have modeled for Live Montanably. I have a tripod and am therefore capable of taking my own photo. I use this feature most often when I am hiking as I am addicted to being outside and hiking.

Social Media

I have hosted giveaways, done Instagram account takeovers, and posted photos on my own Instagram account as well as been featured on multiple accounts. I also specialize in


I have worked with other companies and bloggers to build their social media accounts and blogs. I am currently well-versed in the ins and outs of Squarespace if you are looking to build a website. I grew my Instagram from 500 to almost 5000 in 1 year and I am willing to share the many tips and tricks that I've learned.

Social Media/blog Statistics

Instagram: 5.6k+ followers
Pinterest: 400 followers, 401k+ monthly views, 15k+ actively engaged

  • From blog on Pinterest: 115k+ daily impressions, 45k+ daily views

Twitter: 390+ followers, ~500 reached on each Tweet
Facebook: 95 followers, posts typically reach about~300 views
Blog: ~2000 monthly page views

If you are interested in learning more please download my media kit below.

a copy of my media kit can be found here

Please complete the form found on my contact page here OR email me at if you are interested in collaborating! Have a wonderful day!

Updated December 2018