DIY Tooth Fairy Costume

Fashion Friday!! So I have to tell you this story! I was looking for a creative costume last year that would fit my short blonde hair. I was thinking Tinkerbell, a flapper, etc. when I stumbled upon... the tooth fairy! I found {Lauren Conrad's Tooth Fairy Instructions} so I ran out and bought all the supplies. Then, for some reason now forgotten by me, I ended up not going out or making the costume. [insert sad face].

Anyways (funny story about anyways. So most doctors dictate their notes in patients' charts. AKA they call and leave a voicemail and someone else types is up. Well one of the doctors always dictates anyways in his notes. It's just funny to read a progress note with anyways in it a bunch)... anyways ;) I decided to finally make this costume... and it turned out AMAZING.

I have to start by saying Lauren Conrad's instructions are by far the WORST instructions I've ever read. I have no idea how she did what he did. BUT I will tell you what I did and hopefully you will be able to replicate this with ease!

PS I didn't sew mine which is a big bonus because I can't sew!

I would say this costume cost about $50, depending on what you already own & if you can get the tulle on sale (50% off coupons help!)

You will need:

A white slip or dress, something to wear under the tulle because it's a bit see through especially on the sides
Cute shoes, I wore white flats so I could easily get around downtown
1o pieces of Tulle, each about a yard & half (1.5 yards) long
, you can buy 3 yards and cut it in half or have the lady at the fabric store cut it for you. I bought whatever width they come in off that cardboard thing fabric is stored on. I used white, grey, and baby blue. You could go darker with the colors and use less tulle.
Ribbon, I chose baby blue but white or grey would be cute!
Fairy wings and a wand, or a bag like Lauren did full of "teeth"
Optional: {Tooth earrings}, I paid more and got silver because I have a nickle allergy... but seriously $7 is pretty cheap!
Your regular makeup plus:
Black liquid eyeliner
Pink lipstick
Fake eyelashes
Blue (+ glitter) eye shadow

If enough people ask, I would be willing to make a video for this but for now I will just blog.

I would recommend trying to make this the night before. Or at least practice it once so you get the process down. You actually can make it, take it off, and put it back on again. I made it the night before, realized I didn't have enough fabric (the fabric amount I recommend above is the TOTAL fabric I used), took it apart, and remade it the night of Halloween. I would also recommend doing your hair and makeup first.

Put on the slip/dress. I actually wore a white under-dress from another white see through dress I have PLUS over that a white tank top and a white slip - yes, slip as in from when you were a kid. I feel like people don't wear those anymore. I wore a strapless bra too. My under-dress was a little see through as was the slip by itself so I layered to be doubly sure. PS you could sew the sides shut somehow if you knew how to do that and/or buy more fabric and make it longer. It was a little risque but I wasn't lifting my arms a bunch and the bars are dark ;)

Take 2 pieces of the same color of tulle and tie them in a knot on your shoulder (like a purse strap - you can see what I mean {here}. Lauren did it in her instructions)...BUT not too tight because you will have to undo all these knots later. I tied the corner of each piece. So if you have a rectangle, tie one corner not two corners together of the same piece, if that makes sense? It was just too thick to it that way. I did have some loose hanging fabric on the bottom of mine, where as I don't think Lauren did. 

Next take each piece of tulle; right now you should have a 2 pieces, draped over your shoulder, one in the front and one in the back; take 1 of those and drape/twist/criss-cross like Lauren did in front of you to get the shape of the dress. I.e. bring it in front of you to your other shoulder. Then do the same in the back and tie those two pieces together on your other shoulder. Basically you are just wrapping the tulle around you and tying the two pieces on each shoulder. 

Repeat this, alternating different colors of tulle, until you are fully covered. I don't really have a "best way" to go about this. I just twisted and pulled at pieces until it looked sort of okay. Once that is done untie all the pieces on one shoulder and retie them all together to make one big knot. Lauren's instructions show you how!

Next tie the ribbon around your waste, put on the wings and your shoes, and have a BLAST! :) Please ask questions and I will be sure to answer them! Also I would LOVE to see your pictures if you decide to do this!