Social Media | A False Sense of Friendship

Today I realized something. Social media does not replace real life friendship. Okay, okay obviously know this is true. My good friend Amanda coined the #keepsocialmedial social. Of course I realize being with my friends in person is 1000% times better than texting or Instagram stalking them. But I realized something even more profound. How many times have you said to a friend "next time I am in town I promise to visit?". I know you have. When I was living in Reno I was 813.5 miles away from my friends and family. Yet, YET, I have been home for months and there are friends that are 1-5 hours away and I haven't made time for them, not working I haven't made the time. How is that even possible - okay yes I am trying to save money since I am not working but how much, honestly, money does a quick road trip actually cost?!

I feel like social media has destroyed our relationships. Where a road trip once sufficed a quick throwback pic and kind words now replace our intentions to physically connect with another human being.

I turned 29 yesterday and it was hard for me, hard because I wish I would have done more, pushed myself, gone harder. I will be honest in saying I took the easy road. You make look at my life and say "girl you got a freaking doctorate degree, are residency trained, and worked in a hospital bigger than all of your classmates. All along you continued to push yourself as a blogger and photographer and, not only wrote for a local news blog but, are also published!" And yes this might all be true. But I should have studied abroad. I should have said screw working every spring break and went on epic adventures with my friends. Moments cannot be replaced and no value can be placed on them. I played it safe. I didn't push myself. And yes maybe now I am almost completely out of debt where most of my friends are still $10 to 100k+ in debt BUT I know I could have done more.

Last year I made the poor choice (but did I? I thought these people were my friends but turned out not so much) of visiting people who literally ended up leaving me stranded half-naked (okay post beach is a better description, I was in a bathing suit and dress). I planned a bunch of trips and they failed. But I did get the stomach flu on my 8 day epic Seattle adventure and an old man made me cry on my 28th solo birthday escape so really it might have been circumstance. Failing past trips are not an excuse to not travel now. I'm stronger now, smarter now.

So for my final act of my 20s I've decided to push myself. Social media is NOT real life. You cannot simply maintain a relationship via your freaking phone, okay maybe you can, BUT I do not want to. So as my first act I am getting in the damn car and driving 8.5 hours to see my best friend Hanna who I haven't seen in 2 freaking years! I am also going to visit 2 of the 58 national parks; I want to do all 58 within a 3 year time span but that's another story. Instead of saying to Amber, who lives 2 hours away, "let's get together soon", I am going to pick a weekend and force that woman to see me... hahaha! I need to go back to Boise and Reno and see all the wonderful people I met. I need to visit Pete in SLC and Kelsey, Sean, and Amanda in Denver.

Off topics aside we can no longer live in a world where quick birthday text replace cards and flowers and phone calls. In fact something bad happened to me and I texted EVERYONE. And you know who called? Hanna. Out of likely 20 people ONE called. Maybe I've let our friendships slide, no I know I have, but I need to set the example. So consider my social media "miss yous!" replaced by my new "see you this weekends!"