Surround Yourself by Those Who Inspire

I have been thinking a lot about who I want to be. Will Smith recently said in a video:

The prerequisite for spending time with a person - they nourish and inspire you... The people that you spend time with are going to make or break your dreams. Everybody doesn’t deserve to be around you.

That really hit me...

The people that you spend time with are going to make or break your dreams.

In the movie Burlesque there is a quote that has always stuck with me: "Why did you leave... Because I looked around and realized there wasn't one person whose life I wanted." I can say with 100% honesty I have never met anyone whose life I wanted, whether it be my family, friends, colleagues, etc. I always thought it was because I was unique and had to make a life I wanted to live; we each have our own life journey. And some extend that is true. But recently I have been following people, reading articles, watching movies, and realizing there are some truly amazing people out there and it's not impossible to be around them.

I've been thinking about who I want to be and what I want to accomplish with my life and I've realize that I need to strive for better relationships. I need to be a better friend and a better human, aim to be inspiring, but I also need to focus on who I surround myself with. I am little sad when the majority of my friends talk about relationship issues - one because I am not in a relationship and two because it's the same conversations over and over again. I am not perfect but I do feel I have come a long way in how I communicate with other people. I reflected on previous relationships and worked on being a better communicator and fighter. Throughout the years, a majority of the problems people deal with boyfriends, children, money have not been things that concerned me.

I know that I have a habit of judging people before I get to know them and that good people come in all shapes and sizes. I also know that no matter who I am around I need to continue to focus on myself, my goals, and again being a better person.

Last night my mom went to PechaKucha Night. There was a man there who spoke, Bill Keller, who was so inspired by climber Conrad Anker that he went to Nepal, I believe to follow in Conrad's footsteps, but quickly realized that instead of striving to be someone else, be like someone else... if that makes sense. Basically, he realized he wasn't going to be Conrad but he could be the best version of himself, help people to the extent of his capabilities so he saw some children in dire need of assistance and has been helping them ever since. Think about that for a second - Conrad inspired a man to do amazing work. Can you imagine if in your life, just once, you inspired someone to do something amazing? I believe that is the definition of a life well lived.

I have been thinking about that - ways that I can change and impact people in my own way. I would like to be more active with pharmacy, maybe explain things or give advice on my blog, but that's a legal mess. Something that I think I could do is help people grow the way that I've grown. A friend last night asked me what I did to work through my issues because I told her I was honestly so physically and mentally happy right now despite the years that haven't been great. So I think that's an area where I can help people. I also think a lot of people want to be more active outdoors but don't know how to start. Since I am just starting I want to lead them to opt for adventure while still maintaining a normal lifestyle - we all cannot be Renee Hahnel.

I will soon be turning 29 and I realized that a vast majority of my adult life has been spent obtaining my doctorate in pharmacy. I love pharmacy, it truly is the most wonderful career for me, but it's not all that I want out of my life. So it is with 29 that I am going to push myself and explore beyond what I already know.


  • Learn to fly-fish

  • Grow as an influencer, brand ambassador, blogger, and photographer

  • Eat better, exercise more

  • Start check off National Parks - my main goal for 2018 is US travel specifically outdoor adventures

Tools I think will help me find more inspiration:

  • Focus on my goals

  • Give everyone a chance

  • Try new things