How to Find Yourself

One of the reasons so many people follow me on Instagram is because I am honest and open about life. I've decided I want to incorporate more of that into my blog. Sometimes, when talking to friends, I have random epiphanies. Today I wanted to share one!

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I've moved to 3 cities (thus far) where I didn't know a single soul. Once for college, once for residency, and finally, I guess you could say, for a boy. And one of things I've learned about moving to random places, one of the reasons people say it's a great way to find yourself, is because it is!

When you move to a location where you know no one, have no idea what there is to do or where to eat, you start wandering out on your own. I knew how amazingly strong I felt after challenging myself to eat out alone or try something new but I didn't think about why I felt that way. What I recently realized is you do things because you want to. There aren't other people influencing your decisions because you don't know anyone! There is something so freeing about waking up and deciding today I'm going to do whatever I want to do; I'm going to eat Thai food for breakfast and go on a 5 mile bike ride.

Finding Yourself By Blogger Bri Sul
Finding Yourself By Blogger Bri Sul
Moving to a new place, a random place where you do not know anyone, is a great idea for anyone looking to find themselves because it’s an opportunity to make uninfluenced choices.

You are able to meet new people and decide who you want to be. When I moved for college, I decided I was sick and tired of being the quiet kid. So I spent a vast majority of my time forcing myself to talk and get to know people. Years later people who meet me now are surprised and almost in disbelief when I tell them I used to be shy!

I was able to focus on things I love and create friendships based on those shared interests. I realized I love being outdoors, photography, and above all, I love being around people. I love macaroons and art museums and quite honestly I am a travel addict.

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Finding Yourself by Lifestyle Blogger Bri Sul
Finding Yourself By Blogger Bri Sul
It is within solidarity that we find our true selves.

My advice to you: take a chance. Move across the state, or country, or better yet, move to another country. My biggest life regret, and I try not to have regrets because even bad times and mistakes make you who you are, but my biggest and maybe only life regret, is that I didn't study abroad.

And if you can't do something as drastic as moving, then I challenge you to try something new, go out to dinner by yourself, challenge yourself just once; make a list of all the things you have wanted to do but have been too scared or embarrassed to do and do them. You just might like it.