Hiking the "M" Trail | Butte, Montana


My mom and I decided to get some much needed exercise when we visited our family in Butte last weekend. We hiked up the "M" trail, 3 miles total, starting from my grandmother's house. It was VERY cold! There is another hike that I am really want to do in Butte is the Thompson Park Trail. You climb the Highlands - see on the left of the photo below - and the hike includes railway tracks and a tunnel!

Winter hiking near Butte, Montana

Where: The "M", Butte, Montana
When: January 2018
Instagram: #bridoesmontana
Trail Distance: 3 miles (we started a few blocks away)

Montana's Copperway walk in Butte, Montana. An easy and fun walk around historic mining city Butte.
The M trail and Big Butte trail near Butte, Montana
M Trail in Butte, Montana. Winter hiking ideas.

Directions and Parking

I asked my parents who grew up in Butte about parking and they don't think there is much. Luckily parking in Butte is free in that area so you can park on the street and hike up. My grandma lives close by so we started at her house, walked over, then hiked up - another reason why it was 3 miles total for us. I'm not the best at giving directions


I think the map above is the hike. Honestly my recommendation would be to drive to Montana Tech, park, and hike up!

The "M" Trail in Butte, Montana. Easy winter hiking ideas
A quick hike up the M Trail in Butte, Montana. Winter hiking ideas that are easy and family-friendly


The hike is pretty easy. It's only a mile or two. It's definitely steep in some places but I was wearing snow boots instead of my normal tennis shoes so it was hard compare to other hikes I have done recently. A secret you can actually drive to the top of the hill, well almost the top, and hike up. Then you only hike a few hundred feet... but that's cheating! The views are gorgeous and when you get to the top you have a complete 360 degree view. The hike is definitely dog and family friendly!

The "M" Trail in Butte, Montana
Quick and easy winter hikes - M Trail in Butte, Montana
Hike the M Trail in Butte, Montana

We took my mom's dog Eli with us and he was cold near the top so we ended up carrying him back down. He is a maltipoo and his hair isn't thick enough. We put him in his little red winter jacket but he was still shivering. The worst part about winter is that the dogs spend more time indoors and less time exercising. I feel bad and try to walk them daily but sometimes it is too snowy or cold.

The M Trail in Butte, Montana. A super easy and fun year-round hike.
Maltipoo hiking the "M" trail near Butte, America.
Winter hiking ideas for small dogs - Eli the maltipoo

pin now - hike later

Take a break from the same old and hike the M trail near Butte, Montana
Winter hikes near Butte, Montana. The M trail. An easy hike for the whole family.

Have you ever hiked in Butte? Comment your favorite trail or area below!