Women Hating Women


Today I wanted to write something near and dear to my heart. Maybe it will help other women out there… whether you are the hater or the hated. When I gave my friend a ride to the airport today, I was informed that his ex-wife verbally states she hates me… just because are friends.

My co-worker, with whom we were both involved with the same man, has since blocked me on social media, as did the crazy girls who tried to get me fired… My ex was dating a new girl so I looked her up on social media. And she went on a crazy rant stating I was a crazy, psycho bitch for doing this. She also blocked me.

The more I think about it, a lot of people this year unloaded their anger unfairly on me. Have I told you I hated the last year?! PS click HERE for my thoughts on the past year and look forward to some thoughts on the self-hate I developed because of it.

All of these women hate and block me. And why you ask? Over men. How heartbreaking is that? Women attacking each other over men; women power at its finest. So let me be honest with you, and with all of them.


My ex of 4 years – I was just curious what he was up to. I don’t want him back. He is since married and I am so happy for him. I wonder about him and that’s all. No need to freak out. My friend whose ex-wife hates me; we are just friends, only friends. He is an amazing guy but just not my type. No need to get a Voodoo Doll. My co-worker who blocked me - I haven’t talked to the guy we both had a thing for/with/whatever it was/wasn’t in months and I don’t have any desire to talk to him again. I was in a bad place when I met him so I accepted a bad guy but I am getting stronger and I realize I am so much better than him. I am not interested in him and I will never be again.

It is really easy to hate these women back… to get angry and hurt and say that they are pathetic and insecure and just need to get over themselves. But I feel sorry for them. And I try to forgive them. Because they see me as a threat and they aren’t secure enough with themselves or their relationships. And I hope for them more self-respect and better relationships. Because feeling the way they do, hating someone they way they do, must be a horrible feeling.

I leave you with this. People are going to hate you; let them. Don’t play their game or sink to their level. In fact, maybe look at how horrible their lives must be for them to act out in such a way. Pray for them.

And do what I do: When a guy doesn’t like me or choses another woman, I do not look at her as an enemy, I do not hate her or try to be more like her, I chalk it up to him not being the right guy for me and I move on with my life. We all deserve to be loved and respected and if we gain a relationship from playing games and hatred, then what kind of relationship do we have? If we walk around with utter hatred for another woman because of a man, what example are we setting? Love should never involve anger, hatred, cheating, stealing or lying. Chose the better road.