Travel Guide: Vancouver, B.C.


A few years ago my friends and I went to Vancouver Canada for a pharmacy convention. I wasn’t blogging travel guides then but I decided to share my photos and a few experiences anyways! Below are photos from the Seattle Airport. We had breakfast and I had a red beer, which is a light beer with tomato juice. It's SO good and great for the morning ;) 

Where: Seattle and Vancouver, B.C.
When: February 2014
Instagram: #bridoescanada #bridoesseattle


We flew from Missoula, Montana (where I went to school) to Seattle, then rented a car and drove to Vancouver. It was cheaper and at the time, we were college kids. We spent a few hours wandering around Seattle and it was really fun. I would highly recommend you check out Pike Place Market and the famous gum wall!

DO: Pike Place Market, Gum Wall
EAT/DRINK: The Pike Brewing Company. Seatown Seabar


We had the best rosé, oysters and crab at Seatown Seabar! I LOVE seafood and always jump at an opportunity to eat it. I think I was a mermaid in my past life!


A picture from the back seat as we cross the border. It was my first time driving across the US/Canada border!

DO: Dinner cruise, hockey game, Stanley Park, Gastown
EAT/DRINK: Tsuki Sushi Bar, Granville Island Brewing

One thing that I really enjoyed was our dinner cruise. We cruised around the bay, had a delicious meal and finished the night off dancing. We ventured to the top deck but the wind was SO cold we didn't stay up there very long. We went to a few meetings at the college and on campus they had a brewery, Granville Island Brewing... No joke! I would have NEVER survived college if we had a brewery on campus... however we did have a few close and I frequented them! ;)


We also went to a hockey game, which is of course classic Canada. It was super very but very intense. You are NOT allowed to stand up during "play" aka when the game is going. If you do, they will YELL at you! We didn't know that but learned it very quickly! Plan your bathroom and beer refills for official breaks and half time.


There were Raccoon rabies signs all over Stanley Park so of course we had to take a few funny pictures.


This is the famous Steam Clock, which is powered by a steam engine. It is a popular tourist destination. We went to Tsuki Sushi Bar and it was my first time really having sushi. I am SOO glad I had it in Vancouver and not back in Montana. The sushi was phenomenal and so began my love affair with sushi! I would highly recommend it. We also found some totem poles, which are popular in the area also!


We tried to visit Science World, being the pharmacy nerds that we are, but it was closed so we just walked around outside.