Color Factory | San Francisco

My good friend and fellow travel blogger, Caitlin, and I went to the Color Factory in San Francisco last weekend. The Color Factory is a building, basically turned into a beautiful, colorful, interactive experience. Basically, it’s the epitome of Instagramable! The website description is as follows: A Pop-Up Experience in San Francisco. This two-story interactive exhibition celebrates color and material.

They has a yellow room with a giant ball pit, yellow home decor and ice cream! There are multiple areas for photos - they give you a card you scan and their cameras take a photo of you! But don't worry, they also encourage you to bring a camera and/or cell phone!

The ball pit, in all honesty, was horrible. It was really hard to walk through them and both Caitlin and I didn’t spend much time in there!

Where: San Francisco, CA
When: August 2017
Instagram: #

ps use the right and left arrows on the photos to scroll through them all!

It featured a blue room that dropped confetti. It was so fun to play with and they had one automatic selfie camera in this room! They check you on your way out to make sure you aren't too covered in confetti.

I loved this rainbow room. The dots on the wall are scratch and sniff!

Charcoal lemonade. It wasn't bad but it wasn't great. Tasted like watered down lemonade.

They had a giant light bright. I think the photos came out beautifully. I didn’t play with it, just admired others’ art.

This was probably my favorite area in terms of photos. I was running out of poses so I improvised and I love the sultriness of these!

They also had a room with a giant green pen. You can totally draw on the wall which is awesome. I wasn’t super motivated again to do this but Caitlin drew some. They repainted the wall at least once that I know of so that others could enjoy the experience.

The purple room was actually really interesting. The computer searched the #selfie and printed all the public Instagram selfie pictures. They fell on the floor to be viewed. The computer showed the algorithm for the search. You could # a phrase to get your Instagram photo at the top of the list to print when you were there. I thought it would be clever to take a selfie in front of the word selfie.

This was 10,000 colored ribbons which you could walk through. To be honest, walking through them wasn’t that fun but they were pretty to take a picture in front of.