Travel Guide: Spokane


My friend recently got married in Spokane, Washington. I took 4 days off and traveled up for the weekend to enjoy the festivities. To be honest, there was a lot of wedding fun and catching up with friends so my travel guide isn't that great... but living in the moment is so much more important.

Where: Spokane, WA
When: May 2017
Instagram: #BriDoesSpokane

STAY: The Montvale Boutique Hotel

We stayed at the Montvale Boutique Hotel and it was a blast. The rooms were super trendy as well as the lobby and there were multiple areas to lounge. There was both a deli and cute cocktail lounge in the lobby. We never ate at either but I think some of the other wedding guests ate at the deli and they enjoyed it.

The hotel receptionist was extremely friendly and helpful. The hotel has umbrellas and bikes you can use, which was really helpful because it rained a lot when we were there! My friend's boyfriend runs a lot so us girls biked as he ran. It was really fun. They also had fresh (good) coffee and tea which I took advantage of as I wanted to spend every second catching up with my friends. I would highly recommend staying there.



PS my bag is from Delsey and it's the most amazing travel bag EVER! I posted about it here but I want to do another feature.... you should see how much I can fit in it for a carry-on!


DO: Riverfront Walk

We got free umbrellas (to use for the day) from our hotel and went on the Riverwalk. It was really nice to get out especially since we were eating and drinking a lot that weekend. Like I said above, we also took bikes out and biked as my friend's boyfriend ran. I'm not a big runner so this worked great - definitely something I will have to keep in mind if I have a runner boyfriend!


EAT/DRINK: The Steel Barrel Taproom (Zona Blanca)

They had the pre-rehearsal dinner at this cute little brewery. Their outdoor seating accommodated us along. We all bought appetizers to share. There was a little area in the back of the tap house that served tacos. Most of us sat outside and talked but a few stayed inside and played shuffleboard. 


EAT/DRINK: No Li Brewing Company

This brewery was SO adorable! I really wanted to hit up some of the breweries so I convinced my friend and her boyfriend to sneak away with me for a quick stop. The beer and the food was good and the atmosphere was hard to beat. I couldn't take how cute it was. Their outdoor seating is to die for! Look at that river view :)


EAT/DRINK: Post Street Ale House

We went to Post Street Ale House for breakfast and drinks. I had been there before. I really like this place, as does my friend who lives there seeing as I visited her twice and each time I we went! It has typical bar food, beer and a full bar.

MISC FUN: Bachelorette Party and Wedding!

My friend had a CAT themed bachelorette party so I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorites! Especially if you are looking for creative ideas.


I was so sad because I was wearing the CUTEST outfit (I got so many compliments) but I didn't get very many good pictures. Since it was cat themed, most of us wore some sort of cat related attire. For the wedding, I bought a super cute tulle skirt on Etsy and a crop top from J Crew. And I put my eyebrows on a WAY too dark (oops!) but it was still a blast.


I have to tell you a funny little Bri story. I bought an eye and face mask to try to make me not look so tired - I knew I wasn't going to be to sleeping well or much. My roommate, Thomas, said I better not try a new beauty product before a big event, something his mom or sister or girlfriend told him. And like an idiot I didn't listen. I put the eye de-puff pads on and my eyes started burning and turned red. I walked around with even puffier, red eyes before the wedding. Luckily it resolved by the actual wedding. A lot of funny things happen in my every day life and I want to record them more whether that be in pictures, videos, words, or any combination of the three.


They also had these super cute gift packages for us in the hotel. It was actually super helpful because I got hungry and needed a snack quite a bit!