Boca Reservoir


A few weekends ago, my dad's best friend growing up texted and asked if I wanted to go to the lake! I, of course, said "Yess!" I have always LOVED the water and being out on the boat. Although I had some bad experiences in the past, I ventured out on the tube too! It was SO fun. As you can see, I could not stop laughing while I was tubing.

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I had never been to Boca Reservoir before. It's right outside of Reno and super easy to get to. That weekend, there were not very many people out on the lake. The sun was out most of the day and I even got a little sunburn ... bad Bri forgot to reapply on my face!

Pictured below is one of my favorite sunblocks. I try to use zinc only sunblock to avoid nasty chemicals. Most zinc sunblocks are thicker but this one is runny so it's easier to apply. And it rubs in nicely when your skin is dry. I was a little white when I reapplied but better white than red and in pain!

We brought a little BBQ and grilled up hot dogs (veggie dogs for Karen!) when we were hungry. The clouds rolled in and just as we started to head back, it started to pour rain! Overall it was a really fun day, although I lost my phone. I was able to get a new one though no problem and I am LOVING the Samsung S8+. My friends complain I don't have an iPhone for iMessages but now that I went Samsung, I will never go back to Apple!