The ULTIMATE Travel Guide for Miami, Florida

One of my best friends from pharmacy school lives in Miami. It had been two years since I had seen him so I decided to take a week off work and fly across the country. I was so looking forward to my trip but unfortunately my friend and his significant other fought most of the time I was there. It wasn't the trip I had hoped for and I wasn't able to catch up with my friend much but I still was able to do some fun things!

Where: Miami & Fort Lauderdale, FL
When: July 2017
Instagram: #BriDoesMiami

EAT: Area 31

One of the places we went to eat was Area 31. I mainly wanted to seafood and amazing views. To be completely honest with you... and I am trying to be more honest in posts even if companies reach out and disagree with me... the food was average. The atmosphere, service, and drinks were amazing but I we all agreed we wouldn't go back to eat there. Nothing special about the food and in fact, I didn't eat all my fish tacos, and took the leftovers home for the boys to eat.

DO: Wynwood Walls
Wynwood Brewing Company + Mojito Company

I am currently OBSESSED with art - it's my absolute soul right now. So when I found Wynwood Walls on Pinterest, I knew I had to go. We went to Wynwood Brewing first and had some amazing beers and ciders. The brewery has lot of fun games you can play and you can bring your own food.

The walls were absolutely incredible, wonderful and inspiring. I could have spent a week there. What I loved was that everything was art...the ground, the electric box on a building. It made me want to come home and hire someone to mural my house! Right now I love everything COLOR so the walls were my home.

We wander in a few art galleries. I would have loved to buy a piece but I only brought a carry-on bag so I couldn't bring much home.

We wandered into this adorable shop selling cactus. It was super strange for me, coming from Reno, because I didn't know you could grow them with the humidity of Miami. The store was also extremely artsy and reminded me of the 70s. Then we went to the Mojito Company to escape the heat. They were soo delicious. I would highly recommend you stop and get one!

DO: Fontainebleau Hotel and Spa

We decided to hit up the spa as it was spa month. We got massages, enjoyed their facilities and relaxed on the beach...sort of. While we were out in the water, enjoying the ocean, everyone around us starting getting out and motioning to us. As we got out, I turned around to see a shark in the water. I wasn't really fearful and it was an awesome experience. A few minutes later we were back in the water. I think that was the first time I swam in salt water and man did it ruin my hair. I forgot to look for some sort of treatment to remove the salt - comment below if you have any good remedies!

The spa was great but the ones here in Reno are better - view my Atlantis Spa review HERE. You got a free rosé  with your massage but it was cheap rosé. The beach was great; however, although it was a "private beach" it was packed. I wouldn't not go back but I think I would rather explore other options if I wanted a spa day.

DO: Haulover sandbar

My friend's co-worker had a boat and we headed to a sandbar to spend the day. I had never been to a sandbar before. Basically, it's an area where there is enough sand you can get out and stand/swim while still in the ocean. It was a really fun day. I love being out on the boat/water. It's one of my happiest places.