Travel Guide France & Spain

More pictures from my 2007 trip to Europe! I organized them by country then by city! We went to Spain originally because I was taking Spanish in school. I am starting to re-learn it with Rosetta Stone currently! Our cousin from Germany met us there and we visited some of her friends, shown below. PS you can use your arrow keys to scroll through my slideshows below.

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San Sebastian

San Sebastian is located in both Spain and France, in Basque country. The beach were beyond gorgeous; however, I was a little surprised because it was a nude beach - remember I was 18 at the time. I have more picture from Bilbao that I will post later... I have found these posts are becoming big and slowing down my webpage so I will break them up to prevent that.



Montserrat is a monastery built in and on the top of a mountain. It's about 30 miles away from Barcelona and you take a funicular railway to get up the mountain (basically a train). The views, as you can see, are phenomenal. Apparently there is a famous statue, "Black Madonna", but I don't remember standing in line to see it.