Atlantis Spa


The Atlantis Casino Resort Spa: Reno Hotel and Casino reached out to me about a spa day and I was BEYOND excited. If you haven't been to a spa at a casino, well you just aren't doing spa day right! They are absolutely fabulous; in addition to the fuzzy robes and slippers, the spas have saunas, pools, and other amenities that you can take advantage of the whole day! I had never been to the Atlantis so I was so excited.

PS uploading and cropping photos has been my BIGGEST obstacle since upgrading to Squarespace so I am approaching it differently hoping this will help me blog more.

I scheduled a facial for the day after I got home from my Miami trip (post coming soon) because I knew my face would be a mess - dry climate to humid then back to dry! The spa called me the night before to confirm, reminding me to bring a bathing suit and workout clothes because they have a few pool/hot tub areas and a gym. I noted that as pretty awesome because I always forget things! When I arrived the day of, I was greeted by this gorgeous reception area. They quickly checked me in and had someone escort me to the locker room.

The women's locker room was beyond amazing. They give you lockers, sandals, and robes so you can undress and get comfortable. They have showers with Aveda products (my favorite), two large vanities with everything you could think of to get ready, saunas, snacks, and more! They also have a little dressing area, which is nice when you quickly want to throw on your bathing suit. I changed, wandered around the locker room, grabbed some spa water, and met my hostess for a tour of the co-ed spa areas. Challenge: They have spa water all over the facility and each one is different. I made it my little game to try them all and you should too! Tag me on Instagram @bri_sul and the @atlantiscasino if you do!


The spa, which is Reno's only Forbes Four Star Spa, has the following unique features:

  • Brine Inhalation-Light Therapy Lounge. I received a ton of questions about what exactly this was when I posted pictures so I'll explain. Seen below, the room has lounge chairs and a heated tile bench when you can relax while inhaling salt from a large salt brine. The ambiance and inhalation of salt aerosols positively affect the respiratory tract to increase well-being. The colors change, each stimulating a different psychologically and physiologically response.
    • White - Refreshing
    • Amber - Calming
    • Blue - Soothing
    • Green - Peaceful
    • Red - Motivating
  • The Laconium Relaxation Lounge. This lounge is a dry heat lounge, similar to that of a sauna but without the humidity. It's heated to 104 degrees cooler than a steam room which allows you to relax for longer periods of time. The goal is to stimulate circulation and purify and detoxify the body while reducing stress. I definitely felt like I could relax in there a lot longer than a sauna and the tile bench was surprisingly comfortable. Nap time ;)

After I checked out the longues, I went for my facial. I don't have any pictures of the facial but the picture below is of me after. I had the best aesthetician. She was so sweet, answering of all my questions and making a bunch of recommendations, all of which she wrote down for me. After the facial, she gave me a few samples so I could try the products at home before buying. - I did buy a few and I am going feature them on a upcoming beauty post so stay tuned.


After my facial, I sat in the hot tub because it is recommended to avoid the sun and sauna immediately after a facial. I grabbed my phone and listened to some music, letting the jet lag and stress of the trip melt away. I accidentally dropped my phone in the water but it survived thanks to my LifeProof phone case. This are really speaks for itself. I am in love with art right now and tiling, coloring, and decor is to die for. Seriously, how gorgeous is it! One of my favorite things about the spa - it is separate from the hotel guests. This whole area was for spa guests only which meant other people who just want to relax, aka no talking, and most importantly no screaming kids!

After I was thoroughly relaxed, I headed out to the hotel pool. I was getting hungry and craving a drink. Most of the time, "resort" food and drinks are not that great and extremely marked up, but the food was to DIE for. I would absolutely blown away and I would go back for the food alone. The pool area has cabanas you can rent, a poolside bar (food+drink), plenty of seating, and both a pool and hot tub. There are also hotel rooms that have balconies leading out to the pool area, which is very convenient. 


The last bit of the pool/spa area was the indoor atrium. It was magnificent and I need to go back early in the morning when the pool is empty and take more photos. As you can see, it's completely enclosed which means you can be poolside in the rain, snow, 100+ degree weather, and increasingly important right now, smokey weather! Not to mention the gorgeous almost jungle themed backdrop... Seriously how Instagramable is this?! I need to bring a friend or tripod next time!

 aOverall, I had an amazing day. I would highly recommend the spa, and when mentioned to a few friends, they also had nothing but good things to say! The prices are reasonable and you get all the bonus amenities when you book - I forgot to take a picture of the gym but they have a HUGE gym for spa guests to use too! If you want to book your spa day or check out more visit them HERE!

The Atlantis Casino was kind enough to give me a complimentary spa day; however, all opinions and photos are my own and I will ALWAYS be honest.