Vikingsholm Trail | Tahoe's Hidden Castle


When my mom was in town, we decided to hike to Vikingsholm. My mom LOVES architecture and who can turn down Emerald Bay and a gorgeous hike?! Here are a few of my favorites in case you decide to make the trek! PS I posted pictures of the actual "castle" HERE because I took so many photos and I didn't want my post to be overwhelming. This is the "is the hike worth it/can I actually make it?" post! Haha

Where: Vikingsholm, Lake Tahoe
When: May 2017
Instagram: #BriDoesTahoe

For the hike, you drive to Emerald Bay and find parking where you can! Note: it's so busy on the weekends - go early! We had to park on the road about a half mile away and walk. Because we went early in the year, there were beautiful waterfalls all over the place!

Once you get to the look out point - how killer are these views?! - you hike down the trail.

The down is obviously pretty easy, but the up is more work. I would highly recommend you bring lots of sunblock, water, and even a snack to enjoy at the bottom. They do have ice cream and trail mix sort of things available for purchase at the castle museum but I'm cheap!

They also have kayaks/paddleboards at the bottom. You are able to rent them for the day and wander out to the island seen below. The original owner of the castle build a tea room on the island. Only parts of the building now remain but it's totally free to look at - the state decided they couldn't afford to keep it maintained.

Overall, I would say it's worth it. I wouldn't do it twice but the castle is fun and the hike is manageable! Better to have said you experienced it than not! The view is gorgeous and the Canada Geese are super friendly, until they realize you don't have food.

XOXO - Bri