J. Crew Floral Dress


So I know a lot of bloggers think or want blogging to be getting a bunch of stuff for free to review. But I've had some serious issues with the companies that have contacted me lately so I've decided that I am going to post about products and companies I like. I want to give you guys good recommendations; companies that I repeatedly shop at because their products are amazing quality.

One of my favorite companies is J Crew. The dress I am wearing can be found {HERE}. Even though they are on the pricer side, their clothes are totally worth it! All of the dresses come lined, most of the time with pockets (!!!), and of good quality material. I really want to be able to wear a dress both to work and in my personal life and I love the length of all of their dresses.

My second favorite company is Fossil, specifically for watches. I am VERY hard on watches, getting them wet when I have to wash my hands a million times a day at work, and hitting them on everything! I've had multiple watches break on me but my Fossil watches totally stand the test of Bri! I would highly recommend one. I like the waterproof, stainless steel ones myself. And I like the ones that not only tell you the time, but also have the day of the week, month, actual date. All of the times I own tell me it's Saturday June 10 at 0817, which is soo needed at work!

The last company is Coach. I love the quality of their purses and bags. I have been looking for a new summer wallet and bag combination but I haven't seen anything that stands out, yet! I only have one Coach bag and wallet, but they have survived and I am, like I said, extremely hard on things. My phone zips into my wallet which is a must, especially if I go downtown. And the bag has to be huge so I can stick everything I own in it when I go to work or to the beach! Below, the watch is the only one shown as pictured. The rest are similar. And I linked the actual J Crew dress above. I wore flats because we were running around but I think this dress would be so cute with heels!