The Ultimate Travel Guide for Nevada City, California


I have decided to try something new with my travel posts inspired my favorite bloggers Lady H & Lauren Stephanie Wells. Instead of overloading you with a million posts about each place I visit, I am going to start making travel guides like this!

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Note: That if I do travel somewhere and I think a certain place or event stands out, I will feature it in it's own post. Or of course if I go somewhere for a long period of time (#BriDoesEurope2018) then I will break up the posts!

But I think this a great way for you to see everything all at once and plan your next vacation!

Also note that I am posting this a lot later than I wanted because I was waiting for my photographer to edit these amazing photos... I really need a travel best friend/boyfriend ;) See my favorite "Instagram-hubbies" HERE and HERE. Right now I am forced to selfies, the tripod+remote, and hiring a photographer to take as many anticipatory photos as possible. All of which are super awkward BUT it's kind of thrilling - to do something so extremely awkward publicly and realize you can survive the awkwardness. Oh there's also the always "ask a stranger" but those never come out very well. ;)

Where: Nevada City, CA
When: April 2017
Stayed: Airbnb (
Instagram: #bridoescalifornia

I stayed at the cutest little Airbnb, which I featured HERE.

I ate at Three Forks Bakery & Brewing Company and the food way to DIE for. Most of their food is from local farmers and ranchers so it's so fresh. I had the pizza because I LOVE pizza and it was probably the best pizza I've ever had. The menu changes each week based on what's available so when they're out, they're out! The beer keg ran out when they were pouring my beer so they gave me a half pour and brought me a refill after they tapped it. How nice was that?! I ended up looking like an alcoholic with two full beers in front of me but who turns down two for one IPAs?!

I also bought a piece of chocolate cake from them, which was again, amazing!! I was there celebrating my 28th birthday. I ended up eating part of the cake that night and the rest for breakfast the next day! It was just as delicious cold.

Travel and lifestyle blogger Bri Sul travels to the beautiful city Nevada City, California. The ulitmate travel guide for where to go, stay, and eat.

As much as I love traveling and being alone, I do crave social interaction on my trips. I usually end up going to a brewery or patio and chatting with whomever is around me. I meet really awesome people that way and I usually get some fun local "secrets". I wandered until I heard music and stopped at Matteo's Public. I grabbed a beer, bellied up to the bar, and listened to some pretty amazing live music.

I met this great group of guys who basically dress up in Western wear and travel around, entertaining people. One of them is from Reno, where I live. They were really fun to talk to and I ended up buying them dinner. The pub had great outdoor seating but it was so cold and the music was inside; I am sad I never was able to enjoy it.

I wandered around the town, enjoying the beautiful buildings and blossoming flowers. I have been loving light colors this spring, pinks and purples mostly, and I went a little crazy shopping! Please shop the widget (I think they are called) below for most of the outfits I wore! A few things are older so I couldn't find them. I added things that I thought matched best. And feel free to comment, find me on Instagram, or email if you have questions! I love hearing from you and I always respond!

I decided to stop Nevada City Winery and I was so glad I did! I actually featured the winery: here. The wine was delicious and the staff was extremely friendly. If you live in Reno, they have a wine club and they said a lot of Reno people drive over, collect their wine, visit with other members, and drive back to Reno in the same day!

There are a lot of things in Nevada City that I didn't end up doing. My vibe was off and I ended up going back to Reno a day early. I was hoping for more of a small country town, what I'm used to being from Montana, but it was more of a "hippy" town. What are your thoughts on Nevada City?! What things did I miss?

Also noted: there were a lot of super cute restaurants and B&Bs I was unable to try! Oh and my amazing photographer can be found HERE and HERE