Travel Guide: Reno

Today I thought I would share some fun, unique things to do in Reno. My dad was in town and we had a few days off together so we were trying to keep busy. When people are visiting, it's always a challenge to keep them occupied! I hate sitting at home on the couch. I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner... most locals I meet that I do more things in Reno than they do! And whenever I Google "things to do in Reno", the results are blah. So here are some ideas of fun things to do! I will try to do a few of these throughout the year.

Where: Reno, NV
When: April 2017
Instagram: #BriDoesReno

PS did you know on Instagram if you search "BriDoes [insert location]", you should find all my travel/event posts!  I am posting BIG cities such as Seattle and Reno then using states for smaller towns or outdoor posts! Yay! It's an easy way to sort my ever growing Instagram.

Golfing at the Grand Sierra Resort


This is extremely fun and super tiring! It was such a great work out. Basically you pay for 50-100+ balls and hit them into the water. There are "greens" spread out on the pond and if your ball makes it in one of the holes, you win a prize. When I went, the prizes were a soda, a sandwich from Port of Subs, and a TRIP to HAWAII! The guy said people win soda and subs all the time, but no one has won the trip yet. You can bring your own clubs, like I did, or rent 1, 3, or a full set. They also give a discount to locals and people staying at the hotel. It was really adorable and a great way to spend an hour in the sunshine.


I probably need new clubs, to be honest, because I am so tall but I plan to take lessons and upgrade once I get a little better and golf more often. I really like golf but I never do it because I'm not that good yet but hopefully that will change this summer. I have a really bad habit of not doing things I'm not instantly good at, because I feel like people laugh at me. Golfing is something I enjoy, with or without friend or boyfriend influences, so I want to make it MY hobby. I bought a ski pass this season because my ex skies and I didn't go that much.

The Reno River Walk


The river walk is an amazing workout, in addition to fun people watching, and I should do it more often! They have this really cool area on the river with art fixtures and water falls, and of course, some of the art has been stolen! If you click the link above, I think they provide a map. I've never walked the whole thing... I think it's actually quite long.


As you can see, the river is really high right now. I saw a news post that the fire department was urging people to stay out of the water, then of course, that same day we ran into some kayaks. There is this area on the river where steps go down to the water. I walked pasted them a few weeks ago and my friend mentioned it's a popular area for couple to sit... but as you can see below, it's closed off with caution tape.


The houses/apartments on the river are pretty neat. There are these HUGE houses on one side that I would love to own, or even just tour. I thought about getting a place downtown but I really like where I am. Downtown Reno is a little more sketch and constantly filled with police so it's not really that appealing.


Coffee at Hub Coffee Roaster

I has never been to Hub before this but I've walked past it a few times. My dad and I decided to stop and have vanilla lattes. The coffee was amazing and I would definitely go back. My design, however, was a little strange ;) My dad's cup was better. as he drank it, the design widened and looked prettier. Mine statyed in the same inappropraite shape!


Aces Baseball Game (with fireworks on Fridays!)

I would highly recommend you go to an Ace's Baseball game, especially on a Friday night! The game was really fun. They have all kinds of ballgame foods such as hot dogs and pretzels, they have a mixed of hard alcohol drinks and beer, and tons of yummy desserts such at cotton candy and Dipping Dots.


Every Friday night, they have fireworks which is coordinated to a band; the right we went it was the Beattles. The firewoks were amazing an dactually very long! There is a grassy area when you can bring lawn chairs and blankets to loungue on the grass. There is also a lot of tables to sit on if you are enjoying food.


Explore Carson City

Saturday we were looking for something to do. I always love going for drives. One night we drove around Reno and looked at some of the nicer houses. I suggest Carson. We parked at one of the casinos and walked around. It was a gorgeous day and we ended up grabbing dinner on the patio at The Fox Brewpub (formerly called The Firkin & Fox, I believe).


The city was in full bloom, and as you can see, GORGEOUS! Carson City is actually a lot bigger than I first though. After dinner, we drove around and realized the town has around 50k people. I sometimes hate the busyness of Reno, especially on the weekends, so Carson is a nice break because it's a lot less crowded. I don't think I would move to Carson but I would like to raise my family in a somewhat smaller, mostly safer town. I liked growing up in Bozeman, Montana.


Carson City has a lot of gorgeous buildings... I will have to go back and do a guide to Carson City one day!


Things NOT to do:

Eat/Drink at Brasserie Saint James


I know this might be harsh BUT I have always said I would be honest even though it's sometimes hard. I have been to Brasserie Saint James twice and I am NOT impressed. The food is not very good, the beer is okay, and everything is overpriced. They have nice decor and a lot of patio seating but my dad and I went there for 2 beers and 2 appetizers and paid $60. We didn't have any leftovers and the beers were actually 13 oz pours instead of 16 oz (same price). And like I said the food is not great. So I would not recommend going there. If I go to a place twice and don't like it, they are off my list. Sorry!

I also write a lifestyle section for This Is Reno and if you click --> HERE <--- you can check out some other fun events I have gone to! I hope to make a full year Reno guide someday!