Review of the Nevada Museum of Art | Reno, Nevada


The other day I was feeling cooped up and artsy so I decided to visit the Nevada Art Museum. I also decided to join and become a member! Now that I am done with pharmacy school and residency, I'm trying to spend more of my free time being creative. I love art, fashion, and photography, and I want to spend more time exploring hobbies!

The museum has this great sculpture right out front. I love the colors and design. I always snap a picture of it when I'm here.

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My photos didn't come out as great as I wanted but now that I'm a member, I can go back whenever I want! When you walk in, you are greeted by a front desk, gift shop, and table seating. There is a restaurant called "Chez Louie". It's French-inspired cuisine - I've never eaten there but I am dying to try their Sunday brunch.... Maybe I will have to feature them on my next post!

I didn't really get a picture of their Seven Magic Mountains exhibit. I want to go to Vegas so bad to see it in real life but Vegas is actually 8 hours from Reno. And I don't know if I'm that ambitious. Basically, yes all you art lovers are going to kill me, but it's a bunch of colorful rocks stacked in the desert. I personally think it's gorgeous; I am a fan of bright colors. And the rocks are huge. It was quite the endeavor to get them out there. Anything that takes that much work, well it's amazing! Click the link above for a much better description!

I don't want to give away too much information about their exhibits because you should definitely go and see them yourself! Or if you can't, read about them on their website, because like I said, they are going to do a much better job of describing. But here are a few of my favorite art from some of their exhibits.

I'm pretty much obsessed with the painting below. I LOVE oil; it's my favorite medium. I recently bought a print from an artist and I wished I would have commissioned her to paint me something instead. I love the texture of oil. I'm just drawn to it. The painting on the left is called "Skyscapers" by Louis Aston Knight, 1930. It's oil on canvas.

The paintings in this room depict laborers, work environments, and workers at rest. The call it their Work Ethic Collection but I love it because it contains some gorgeous paintings.

The next room contains Spinifex, which are paintings made by the Spinifex People of the Great Victoria Desert in Western Australia. I'm a horrible "scientist". I love the color in this photos but every time I look at them, I see biology class. If you've ever looked under a microscope, though, you would agree much of biology is "art". 

This is called the Altered Landscape. I ended up talking to the security guard, who was quite knowledgeable about the art. The setup of the paintings, stacked on the wall like that, is called Salon-Style. From what I remember reading, they used to hang paintings on the wall like this in France where people could stand and sit around, and enjoy the art, using it as a conversation starter. I didn't realize it had a name and I actually did it on a large wall in my bedroom because I had no idea what to do to fill such a large wall.

This next picture was another one of my favorites. I love everything that it says. As we continue to conquer and build on the Earth, instead of living in harmony with her, we destroy her. Our ultimate downfall will be ourselves; the industrialization of our planet with be the tornado that destroys us.


Wed – Sun: 10 am to 6 pm

Thurs:  10 am to 8 pm

Closed: Mon, Tues


$10 General Admission

$8 Student/Senior (ages 60 and up)

$1 Children 6 to 12 years

FREE Children 5 and under

The next area had a ledge and I saw the perfect opportunity to set up my camera and take a few selfies. I hate not being in more of my photos - sorry future husband. I did recently make a new friend and she is a local blogger here in Reno. Check her out here! Maybe we will become each other's new photographers! :) Here is a link to paintings, called Anatomy of a Phenomenon

The last exhibit that I photographed was Miradas: Ancient Roots, modern and contemporary Mexican Art. There was a great exhibit, probably one of my favorite exhibits, the Maynard Dixon: The Paltenghi Collections, but I ended up enjoying the drawing so much that I didn't take pictures! What drew me most to his drawings was how good, yet simple they were. A lot of the drawings he did while in the military and they reminded me so much of Montana where I grew up. I would love to own one one day. 

It's strange. I spent all afternoon wandering around and taking photos. The photos I thought would come out the best didn't and vise-versa. Life, especially in photography, is weird like that. This photos wasn't one I was super excited about but I loved how it turned out!