Downtown Seattle At Night


One of my favorite things about wandering around Seattle at night is the neon lights. Although I live in Reno, and see casino neon lights daily, I still fall in love with them each time I see them. There is something about lights that make everything magical. Here are some of my favorite night-time photos of Seattle. It's strange, my 70D Canon has a hard time focusing sometimes during the day, but these night photos are superb!

These are my favorites from Pike Place Market. I was able to get pictures on a weekday night so there were very few people around!

Instagram hashtag: #BriDoesSeattle

Capitol hill, also called "The Hill", is a residential area of Seattle that is known for its nightlife. I met a friend from pharmacy school, and after going to the free art museum, we headed to Capital Cider. Their cider was really good, not the typical sweet cider, but actually cider. I would highly recommend you go there. The decor is super cute and I've heard the food is superb!