First Day of Spring!

Greetings from TAHOE!

After some somewhat serious consideration, and by that I mean deciding to not be lazy and cheap, I decided to spend two days on the lake, recharging my batteries. I need a fresh start and what better of a place than the relaxing and gorgeous Lake Tahoe!? I am staying the Hyatt and it's amazing. I chose them because they are super nice, obviously, and because I wanted lakeside. And well after much research, they are about as lakeside hotel as you can get in Tahoe!

Instagram Hashtag: #BriDoesTahoe


The first part of my adventure was packing. My best friend Casey knew this about me. I am the worst packer in the world because I ALWAYS over pack. In order to avoid that, I usually have to list each day, what activities I have planned, and what outfits I need. Then I make a list, overpack still, unpack, repack, and finally I have enough to fit in one carry on. But for this trip, I have my beautiful Stella (that's my car!) so I loaded her up. Whenever I go anywhere, I take my Delsey bag. Seriously this bag is a carry on but I can easily fit 2 weeks worth of clothes in it! The shoes are Vionic and you may not believe me but they are comfort shoes. I wear them to work all the time, 10.5 hour days, and my feet don't hurt at all! They are totally worth the price tag. And the hat, I think I got it at Target years ago, but it matched and every girl needs a beach hat!


When I finally got to Tahoe (I took my time getting ready) I was dying of hunger. I really wanted to a burger and I heard the Lone Eagle Grill is to die for so I headed over. I was able to steal a window seat and my server was seriously amazing! I totally over-tipped him but I have been having such poor quality service lately - I wanted to hug the guy! And the burger was amazing! Restaurant burgers are so good but they usually give me a stomach ache because of the grease. But this burger did not. And it was honestly the best burger I've ever had.


After my burger, I went outside and finished my beer by the firepit.... where I proceeded to spend the rest of my afternoon! It was GORGEOUS out! I ended up taking off my coat. I sat by the fire, the sun beaming on my face, the waves crashing in the distance, and I was happy. I also chatted with some fellow sun-soakers. They vacation up here and gave me some great food suggestions.


After I could sit no longer, I went to the hotel and checked in. I'm kind of a freak about hotel rooms so I spent a lot of time inspecting everything. I relaxed for a bit then finally walked back down to the beach. I was hoping to catch the sunset but the clouds had come in. I wandered the beach some and took some pictures.


"All my troubles are washed away by water"


PS I just want to point out: I think this is the second time I've stayed in a hotel just me alone and I LOVE it! :)


Then I decided I just wanted a quiet night in. So I went back to the hotel, grabbed some junk food, and spent the night blogging and editing photos. It was a good day! I can't wait for tomorrow!


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I couldn't find the jeans (American Eagle) or the shirt (Vanity, which has since gone out of business) or the hat (Target years ago). But everything else is exact! :)