Bye, Bye Selfies. Hello Flytographer!


One of the women I insta-stalk, yes that's a word and yes it's a horrible habit, went to Palm Springs and posted amazing photos {HERE}, tagging Flytographer {HERE} so I was obviously intrigued.

Instagram hashtag: #BriDoesSeattle

"Shot by Jessica in Seattle for Flytographer"

I've always been the girl behind the camera, traveling to amazing places, but never in any of the photos. I travel by myself a lot, and when I travel with other people, my DSLR is so complicated that I never get the cute or artistic photo I picture in my mind. I have been practicing more with my tripod but it's a pain to pack around and even harder to adjust settings and see yourself. The other day I was out taking pictures of my hair and my neighbor walked by and laughed. A few days later, I hiked the hill behind my house and ran into my other neighbor as I was taking outfit of the day photos. Oh, the awkward life of blogger!

I've realized over the years, I don't have very many professional photos of myself and that made me regretful and sad. Each year is a different journey in your life and it's fun to be able to look back. Plus I'm not getting any younger so I'd like to have pictures to look back on when I'm 70 and reminisce about "the good ol' days".

So I decided to hire a flytographer Jessica {HERE} to capture my time in Seattle. I read through the bios of all the photographers and her happy and creative demeanor stood out. I also loved how she edited her photos. They look enhanced but not fake, which I love. I want them to look real.

Travel and lifestyle blogger Bri Sul solo traveling around Seattle, Washington. Shot by Jessica with Flytographer, an amazing travel photography service.

I'm not going to go into very many details; this is not a sponsored post. But if you want some excellent reviews with more details of the step-by-step process, click (HERE) or (HERE). 

Travel and lifestyle blogger Bri Sul solo traveling around Seattle, Washington. Shot by Jessica with Flytographer, an amazing travel photography service.

My favorite things about my experience:

  1. Flytographer did a great job of connecting me and the photographer. We emailed, connected on Instagram, and got each others' phone numbers just in case we couldn't find each other the day of.

  2. They do a great job of contacting you and suggesting locations, which is nice if it's your first time visiting a place. They ask what theme, area, etc you are looking for but also have suggested locations if you need a little assistance.

  3. They are really receptive on social media. They always comment back on Instagram and Facebook, and like my posts, which I really like. I am taking the time to promote them and it drives me nuts when I go out of my way for a company that won't even respond to me.

  4. Especially if you are traveling to another country, it's nice to have a local be able to photograph you. They know the good places and times, and she was able to recommend things to do and places to eat as we walked around.

  5. My most favorite part of my Flytographer experience was when they asked to reschedule when it was supposed to rain. They wanted me to have a good experience and I appreciated that because spending $350 to have it get rained out would have made me very upset.

What I learned for next time:

  1. Bring a change of clothes and/or props. I booked an hour and wore a dress with a cardigan. I wish I would have brought 2-3 changes of clothes and/or an umbrella or maybe even Scrabble pieces to spell out something fun! We did buy coffee and I picked up some flowers to make it look more touristy!

  2. Do NOT bring too much stuff though! You have to carry it around and set it down a lot. You don't want things to get destroyed or stolen, or make your photographer have to deal with it while they are trying to focus on you!

  3. Make sure you look into the area so you have alternatives in case the location you picked isn't exactly what you want. Some of my favorite photos weren't areas I had originally seen in my mind!

  4. Have fun and make sure you ask if you don't like something about the shoot. You are paying good money for your photos so if you aren't liking an angle or area, tell them! I always have a double chin in photos because I am so tall so I told Jessica that right away! Ha

  5. Research the photographer. I looked into a few photographers and sometimes hiring them privately is cheaper. However, some of them were cheaper through Flytographer! You just have to do your research!

If you are interested, check out more of my photographer: Website, Instagram

And if you want to Insta-stalk Hillary with me, click {HERE}.

The dress that I am wearing is from Brooks Brothers (HERE). It's silk and dry clean/hand wash only but it's gorgeous, the fit is flattering, and it's the softest piece of clothing I've probably ever owned!

Oh and if you want to use Flytographer, click {HERE} and use the code #FLYFAN for $25 off your first booking!

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I am wearing a Brooks Brothers dress with a cardigan I bought at Target and boots from American Eagle. The rings and tights are from H&M.