Setting Your Life Goals


Recently, I decided that it didn’t matter what stage of life you are in: you need to be happy with who you are and working on yourself, always. So I started reading Brené Brown’s book Braving the Wilderness: The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone. I realized that no matter what happens to me, no matter what step of life I am in, I need find fulfillment and happiness within myself and that is an amazing understanding to have. It has given me a lot of energy and motivation. I want to set goals for myself and post them on the blog to hold myself accountable!

  1. Blogging

    • Photography – I want to work on my photography, making it easy and effortless yet more professional. I definitely think I have come a long way (click HERE) but there are always areas to improve on. I want to be in more of my photos and work on posting more food and outfit of the day photos!

    • Instagram – I want to hit 5k followers by the end of the year! And I want to work on better stories.

    • Timeliness – I want to post about trips and events in my life more often and right after I go on or to them. I also want my Instagram to line up with what I am posting to increase people knowing when I post!

    • Collaboration – I would like to collaborate more with companies and experiences I believe in. It’s a dream of mine to get travel and/or hotel expenses covered. And I would love a restaurant collaboration.

  2. Self-exploration

    • I plan to continue reading self-exploration books. And journaling. I really want to sit down with the things I don’t like about myself, strive to improve in areas where I know I can, and learn to accept my imperfections and limitations. My goal is to feel as though I am worthy of being loved and increase my vulnerability and the love in my life.

  3. Health

    • I want to start eating better. I eat healthy food for the most part but my weakness is liquid. I need to start drinking mostly water as everything else has too much sugar. I also plan to only when I am hungry not when I’m in the habit of eating aka when I get home from work.

    • I want to start working out to tone up. I've notice areas of my body that need working on. I also know exercise increases your mood and energy levels, which I know we all could use!

    • I also need to start walking. My friend is in Europe right now and he said he is averaging about 10 miles a day… I am going to Europe in May so I need to start preparing. I want to walk in the shoes I plan to wear over there to break them in a little. The last thing I want on my trip is to be sore and tired.

  4. Friendships

    • I want to create better friendships and work on strengthening the ones I have. I want to be a better friend and support those I love.

I feel so great about all of these goals and I am so excited to start implementing them. I am so ready for the future and all the amazing things life has to offer. I don’t know how to explain it but 2018 is going to be one of the best years yet – I can feel it!