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It's my belated, again, BLOGIVERSARY! And of course, for some reason, I am beyond motivated in the fall and completely made over my blog again! I started blogging in the fall so something about it just makes me feel blogg-y. Maybe it's because autumn is the best time of the year?! No joke - the weather, the fashion, the activities, the food... can autumn just be all the time?! 

My ONE YEAR and TWO YEAR blogiversarys are linked!

For my blogiversary (made up but totally awesome word) I want to do something a little "embarrassing". I want to show the progression of my blog. I actually started a blog in middle and maybe (?) high school but over the year I deleted and restarted them. How cool would it have been to have one that was 10 years old? Maybe I would be as famous as Zoella by now!? Oh well. Anyways, one of the things I get most caught up with is comparing myself to other bloggers. I find travel bloggers like Lauren Stephanie Wells or home bloggers like Boxwood Ave and instantly hate my photos and want to be more like them. 


I think it's easy to want to be better, especially with my career and personality type, and to forget how far we've come. Although I don't like my older posts/photos/layouts, they keep me grounded! And I want them to be an inspiration for others out there

Goal vs reality!

Goal vs reality!


I recently tried to "filter" my photos, shown below. I did kind of a smoky one for Montana because it was on fire and a fall one here back in Reno. But I have noticed I am not getting as much engagement from it so I feel like it's a bust! I think I need to keep with the bright fun photos I used to post :)


I recently asked a friend why they followed me and they replied because I was honest and vulnerable. Another friend told me my inspiring and vulnerable posts are her favorite. So I think I recieved the message. People can tell when you are not being yourself. I plan on getting back to myself in the next month and I cannot wait to bring you along! 


PS I am SOOO sad! I didn't take a picture of my last layout and I seriously loved it too. I will have to search harder to see if I have something!

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