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Best at Home Teeth Whitening Kit from Smile Brilliant

I live off coffee and wine! But recently I noticed the years had taken their toll on my teeth! I realized I needed some help and starting searching the web for ways to brighten my smile. As both a healthcare professional and blogger, my smile is everything. I thought about getting whitening done at the dentist, one stop shopping, but for a price of $300+ (uncovered by insurance) and what my friend described as horribly painful, I decided to whiten at home. 

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Smile Brilliant at-home Teeth Whitening
Smile Brilliant at-home Teeth Whitening

I had used other whitening products, strips and gels, in the past (I even was so crazy as to use charcoal to brush my teeth once!) but they always seemed to stick to my fingers or fold on my teeth. I felt like I used them all the time without result. Then I found Smile Brilliant! I love Smile Brilliant because it's easy to use and results are instant. After just a few uses, you can clearly see the difference!

Instead of using strips or molds that don't fit your teeth, they send you everything you send everything you need to make perfectly fitted whitening trays. The gel you use is professional-grade whitening gel and I love the desensitizing gel (it contains fluoride). I use it all the time to protect my sensitive teeth.

Smile Brilliant at-home Teeth Whitening

Using Smile Brilliant is as easy as 1, 2, 3
Let me explain the very easy process

  1. 1. You receive their kit and follow the instructions to make molds of your teeth. It's super easy and way too much fun. I reminded me of being a kid and playing with putty, which is always weird bit!

  2. You mail the molds back - The packaging needed to mail the mold back is included, which makes it even easier. Then they send you your custom whitening trays. It was super-fast!

  3. Start whitening! (see my tips and tricks below). I saw results after one use and was kind of addicted to using it because my teeth looked better after each use.

Smile Brilliant at-home Teeth Whitening

A few things I learned

  1. Less is more when using the whitening gel. If you use too much, it will over flow onto your gums and turn them white. Luckily the whiteness on your teeth goes away quickly.

  2. Start slow. My teeth are sensitive to begin with and one that I recently had dental work on was sensitive after the first few uses. I could only do about 15 minutes but eventually I could do the full hour. If you feel any pain, definitely do not push it! I gave my teeth a few days to recover.

the results
before and after

Before and After Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening

Of note, I do have fillings on my teeth but as you can see they were not affected by the whitening. And most importantly have fun! You are on your way to a brighter smile and a more confident you! I would highly recommend this product and I would buy it again!

For those of you with more questions, comment below OR read 10 facts everyone should know about teeth whitening here and check out some FAQ here.

Smile Brilliant at-home Teeth Whitening

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Smile Brilliant was kind enough to give me a complimentary teeth whitening kit; however, all opinions and photos are my own and I will ALWAYS be honest.