Dry Pond Hike


Where: Dry Pond Hike (HERE)
When: October 2017
Instagram: #bridoesreno
Distance: 6.8 miles


I went on a GORGEOUS hike near Reno last week. The colors were absolutely phenomenal.

As I was talking back down the trail, I almost stepped on the caterpillar shown below (notice my shoe print). I jumped about 5 feet when I realized it wasn't a piece of bark but instead a cute little caterpillar - I would have loved to get that on video. I moved him off the trail but I saw a dog further down the trail heading that way so I am unsure if he made it. 


I would say the hike is easy to moderate , depending on how far you go and your definition of exercise. You can walk to the sign and turn around (about 1.5 miles) or head the rest of the way up to dry pond (about 2.5 miles). The hike to the sign is mostly flat with a few uphill areas. The area past the sign is all switchbacks so it's a lot of climbing. I saw a lot of wildlife, a few curious critters are shown below.


The first part of the hike is along the river and through the beautiful treed area. As you start to climb the mountain, it becomes more pine trees and dirt (shown above). 


The hike is part of a loop and a lot of bikers ride the trail so it's important to keep an eye out for them, especially as you are both going down the hills - they come up behind you fast! I walked back Dry Pond to see the other side of the mountain but I decided to go back down the way I came.


I do want to mention that I hit my foot on a rock trying to take the picture below ;) Baha!


Let me know if you have or are going to hike the trail! I would LOVE to hear your thoughts! :)



There is a rock (shown below) hidden along the creek with a fish painted on it. For a bonus, I challenge you to take a picture of or with it and tag me! See my social media links (above and below).