Christmas Home Decor

Today I thought I would feature some of my Christmas home decor. I went to Michaels Home Store and loaded up on half off decor. I went a little crazy but I loved the way it turned out. I would LOVE to spend loads of money decorating my whole townhouse but I'm newly graduated and want to spend my money on other things ;) such as new skis!!

I took pictures at night because I think the Christmas lights are so beautiful. I wasn't 100% sure what theme I was going to go with but I ended up with a classic, almost rustic Christmas look. I cannot wait until I have a few Christmas's under my belt and have collected more! I will have to visit the stores after Christmas for all the good sales :)

"Merry GRIZmas!" I went to the University of Montana and our college team is the Montana Grizzlies. Last year I saw this ornament and had to buy it even though I didn't have a tree. I cannot wait to get my tree and decorate it. I'm still trying to figure out how to get a tree to my house when I only have a car - maybe in the trunk with the backseat town OR on top of the car! We shall see. It will be another great "Bri-adventure"

What do you think of my home decor? I took these pictures a few days ago but as you will see from my upcoming posts, I have been working on my photography. I've started adjusting the white balance, shooting in Kelvins, and it's made a huge different. I use photoshop a lot less and the pictures are less altered.

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