Comfortable Work Shoes

Day 18 is NOT a holiday related post... sorry to disappoint. But it is a much needed post! I have been searching the planet my whole life trying to find comfortable work shoes. I finally decided to bite the bullet and buy 3 new pairs. One of them rubs and I need to take them in or send them in BUT I can tell you that this is the BEST decision I've ever made in my entire life.

The first pair are {Dansko} booties and they are unfortunately unavailable on the website. They are my most comfortable pair of shoes and I love the height they give me. The aren't necessarily my first pick if I was only to look online, but I tried these on, and I had to have them! I get compliments on the all the time and I would love (plan to) buy a few more Dansko booties. I know they are expensive, but you have them forever! I have two pairs I bought before I started pharmacy, so at least 5 years ago, and they are going strong.

The second pair is also Dansko. I bought them online without trying them on and because each pair of Dansko shoe is handmade, sometimes they fit differently. I bought them online because if I buy them in Nevada, I have to pay tax. I grew up in a state without tax, so I hate paying tax here... especially when you buy something for a couple hundred bucks. You end up paying like $20 in tax alone. I did write them an email to see if I can exchange them. I haven't worn them much so I would love a pair that doesn't give me blisters. Because these shoes are so expensive, I bought 1 black, 1 tan, and one brown so I could trade out some of my cheaper shoes.

The last pair I am up and down about. To be completely honest, they are not as comfortable as Dansko but they are a brand called {Vionic}. I think they are super cute and they are supposed to help with bad posture but my feet get sore after wearing them... and they make the noise when you walk on tile or wood. My biggest complaint, as you can see below, is the shoes are starting to scuff on the heel. Since you spend so much on them, you would hope they don't wear that easy. I probably wouldn't buy another pair of these, although they do have a pair of boots that are really cute. The boots are supposed to keep your ankle from rolling, explained {here}. I do maybe feel like I am standing up straighter in them.