Winter Accessories

I didn't really know what to call to call cold weather gear, such as hats, gloves, scarves, so I landed on accessories! Hopefully the title wasn't to misleading. Or maybe it was misleading enough to make you click on it ;) PS I wish blogger had emojis like my phone.

People always ask me how I live in cold weather. And the secret to my success? Lots and lots of layers. If you are covered head-to-toe, than you stay warm! The hat, gloves, and scarf all of from Target, purchased years ago! I love the gloves because you can pull down/out the fingertips if needed!

I actually think this hat is from Target too. My grandma loves it which is a big surprise because my grandma and I have VERY different fashion styles.

The coat is Guess and I bought it years ago at Macys, on sale. It's definitely my favorite coat and I wear it too much. I need to buy another one but it's so well built. It's wool and it keeps me warm. Wool is definitely the way to go in cold weather.

The struggle is real when you are your own photographer, it's cold outside, and the lighting is horrible. I am still embarrassed to take this photos in front of people. My neighbor was out walking her dog and I ran back inside. Haha