Delsey Luggage

I thought I would feature my new luggage today because almost everyone travels for the holidays. And even if you aren't traveling, this carry-on makes for an amazing Christmas present.

I originally saw this bag on {Instagram} when a girl I follow posted it. Here photos of the bag are so amazing, posted {here} and {here}. Her feed is amazing - feel free to stock her. She has an amazing sister and hubby who take her pictures and they travel all.the.time. I am vicariously living through her!

I bought the bag on {Macys} because it was on super sale at the time and I always love a good deal! Currently it's 50% off plus an additional 15% and free shipping. If I'm on the fence about a purchase, you can bet a sale will sway me. I saved more than I spent, which is always a win!

So I'll sell you on some of the features! (PS no this is not sponsored by Delsey) but if you are reading this Delsey, I will review the check bag size of this for free ;)

Ok so it has wheels that turn 360 degrees so you aren't tripping all over yourself in the airport.

It comes with this cute Delsey tag and super soft leather. It's a hard case bag. PS if you don't know me, I say "bag" the wrong way apparently (I say bEg instead of bAg). I say it like I'm Canadian and I blame Montana (which borders Canada!)

It has a TSA approved lock with a code you can set and a handle on the side in case you want to carry it that way.

It's had a code on it for security, I think so you can identify if there is a mix up without actually having to open it up. To be honest, I don't think their are that many of these out there. At least not all at once. So I'm not too worries. Especially since it's a carry on. I guess I might be a little afraid someone might see it (maybe an airline worker) and know the price and try to steal it. 

The bag is actually very big and I've been told that it can hold up to a weeks worth, maybe more, of stuff. 

The inside is great. It came with a hanger and 2 shoe bags, which I'm told are a must. In addition there is one large zip compartment on each side so your stuff isn't flying all over the place.

I am just obsessed with the bag and I think I will get a lot of use out of it. It's great to have a cute, dependable bag for travel. I feel like luggage isn't something you buy all the time, so it's worth a little extra! I cannot wait to travel with it and I have a few trips come up so I will let you know how it goes!