Holiday Dresses

I thought for Blogmas I would post my favorite holiday dresses, however I ended up only taking pictures in one because the arctic front hit and it was absolutely freezing outside!

Here is dress the dress up with a white pea coat... mostly because like I said it was freezing!

This dress is just perfect for the holiday season! I love red, white, black, and even green dresses around Christmas. I bring out the sparkle, silver, and gold around New Years!

Red has always been one of my favorite dress colors because I have blonde hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. I think I look good in red, white, and blue!

I am also wearing a fossil watch, various bracelets I've collected and one of my favorites right now, my {Go Girl Design} bangle. Basically it's a hair tie on a cute bracelet. One it doesn't hurt your wrist and two it's more fashionable/professional than wearing a hair tie alone on your wrist.

The back of it is just gorgeous! I love, love, love lace.

Sorry for the overload of pictures. Like I said I have been working on my photography. All of these photos were taken with my tripod/remote. I couldn't decide which ones I liked best. I am told quite frequently that I wear cute outfits so I need to make friends with my tripod so I can do more OOTD. PS future hubby if you are reading this, start practicing with your camera now!

PS how amazing is this wind blown look? It's right as I gave up because cold+wind=death. Haha I do love the Nevada wind on my patio in the summer though! And I love the light breeze on my face.

Oh PSS because I'm so silly! I bought the dress at Nordstrom this last summer while visiting a friend in Spokane. I saw it and had to have it and luckily had a gift card to Nordstrom for babysitting. I think the dress was around $100 but I love it because it's also semi-long and more appropriate because I am so tall!