Advent Calendar

Hello!! I thought I would start Blogmas with pictures of my advent calendar! :) I am soo excited for Blogmas; so many amazing things to come! PS have you noticed it's snowing on my blog... SNOWING

Last year I bought a very CHEAP advent calendar and the chocolate was horrible so this year I decided to splurge and get a high quality calendar. 

I ended up buying this {Windel Elf Advent Vertical Calendar}, which is now of course on SALE but out of stock! :( It's filled with high quality milk cream filled chocolates and I can attest that they are soo good! Made in Germany - and if you didn't know, I have family in Germany who over the years have always sent me chocolates for the holidays - and German chocolate is so delicious! America totally does NOT do candy like Europe.

The only "complaint" that's not really even a complaint is the chocolates did not stay in their compartments. I moved the calendar a bunch and the chocolates are all over the place. But I don't really care that much!

Did you get an advent calendar this year? If so did you get one with chocolate, beauty products, or something else? I wanted so bad to buy a beauty one but they were all sold out or so expensive when I looked online! I also think the wine advent calendars look fun although that is a lot of wine! Tag me if you bought an advent calendar this year or comment below!