Sixfour Growlers in Reno, Nevada

So I have a funny story about this place. I knew that one of my co-worker's brother co-owned a growler shop in Midtown, Reno, Nevada, BUT I didn't put two and two together until my friend and I walked in the front door and

realized he knew one of owners

! Anyways, my friend Shaleen and I were out day drinking our way through Midtown and decided to "check out this place" only to find like I said, we knew people here! ;)

Basically sixfour is a growler shop (aka you fill up a crowler or a growler with beer/cider and take it home to enjoy. If you don't know what a crowler or growler is, first, welcome to the 21st century, and second, Google it!). BUT the cool thing about the place is you can also have a taster or a pint of beer also. Pictured above is a flight. (Also if you don't know what a flight is, you just need to go to a brewery and scream help!) Haha a flight is 6-10 sample sized beers (the number is irrelevant). That way you can sample a bunch of beers AND/OR ciders (don't forget they have cider too!) before you commit to a crowler/growler.

PS this (below) is a growler. Learn to love them!

They also have Kombucha on tap. I'm not really sure what is it (here I am making fun of you for not knowing what a crowler/growler/flight is and I don't know what Kombucha is!) BUT if you don't know what it is, go to sixfour and ASK! Great conversation starter! They are super nice and helpful there :)

They have lots of great seating and are looking to expand to include bench seating along the walls. They also have TWO large TVs where you can watch football or old movies. They guys there would totally change it to whatever you want to watch!

I am obsessed with these little gift sets. You get a pint glass (or two?), growler, fat, $5 to the store, and some sort of plastic thing on the right.

Great stocking stuffer!!

P.S. they also have a popcorn machine and I think a few other snacks that I didn't get a picture of. The one of the owners said you are always welcome to bring food there to eat. Next door is {Great Full Gardens} if you are looking for something near by.

Obsessed with the growler light above. I might have to do this if when I buy a house. Anyways, these are my photos and my review of sixfour. I LOVE the place and I'm not getting paid or gifted anything to say that! It's a great place to go hang with friends, try a few great beers, and buy something to take home and enjoy later. They have 30+ beers/ciders on tap, they are always getting new beers in, and they get beers from all over the nation, not just locally! Stop by and see them today!

555 S Virginia St

Reno, Nevada