Reno, Nevada Themed Carved Pumpkin

You probably read the title of this post and were confused... Reno, Nevada not Reno as in renovation! Haha! Since I am living in Reno, I decided to carve the old Reno sign into my pumpkin. I love designing and hand-drawing unique pumpkins that represent the city I live in. Two years ago I carved a Gallus Frame (also called headframes) into a pumpkin when I was living in Butte, Montana. 

And if you don't know what a Gallus Frame is or why it's relevant to Butte {CLICK HERE}.

Trying to find the perfect shaped pumpkin was a task. As I said yesterday, I wasn't really in the Halloween mode until the day of so I had to find a pumpkin short notice. I had this idea in the back of my mind but it didn't become a reality until about 2pm on Halloween. I actually had to go to TWO stores to find pumpkins and while I was looking at pumpkins TWO  (different) old people (two different occasions) tried to steal my shopping cart. My life the strangest thing ever! My friends have recently told me my life it too funny NOT to have a blog so I need to be more open about the actually events of my life on here I've learned.

I tried to take photos of the whole process. When I was little, my parents always took pictures of us carving pumpkins and it was so fun to look back at them as an adult. Although I have no kids, and used a tripod to take my photos, it'll be fun to show my kids my single life someday! Haha

I really got into the spirit and decided I needed cat ears. I actually wore these for the trick-or-treaters but I didn't get any! :(

So this is the OLD Reno sign (pictured below as a reference). I drew it on paper first (free hand!) then on the pumpkin again (free hand!). I drew it on paper first for TWO reasons . First, was to practice drawing it because I wanted to work out the kinks before I went at the pumpkin with a marker. Second, was so I could COLOR IN what I wanted to cut out vs leave (aka what parts the light was going to shine through). If I did it backwards, the WHOLE pumpkin would have fallen apart. NEVER carve into a pumpkin until you are exactly sure what part you are carving out vs leaving in.

I posted a picture of my pumpkin on my Instagram (Don't forget to follow!) and on my Facebook. The local news asked permission to share my photo which you can view HERE.

Anyways, sorry for the LATE Halloween post. I'm WAY behind on Blogmas so I am going to spend my 3 days off this week getting my butt in gear. PRAY for sunny weather :) I need 31 posts! I do all the days of December for Blogmas. I think I might try to do all the days of February too because I love that month. But we shall see!