Fun Halloween Decor Kids Will Love

Better late than never! Here is some of the decor for Halloween at the casa de Bri! I didn't really have much motivation to decorate for Halloween until the day of. Strange I know. I went to Target tonight to start on Christmas decor and I wasn't really into it either! I think I am still so cheap and since my house is not even decorated, I feel weird filling it with holiday decor first! Oh well. I have 3 days off next week and I am going to go Christmas crazy :)

I bought the "Happy Halloween" sign, skeletons, and spider webs from {Smiths}, a local-ish grocery store. I usually go to Michaels for Halloween decorations. I love their selection. There are a few other places in town to get decorations - Target always being another favorite.

I bought this adorable little sign on sale at {Michaels}. I love their holiday decor and they always have coupons! Sometimes I see something I like, in terms of home decor, that's a little too expensive so I wait for it to get on sale and get it for a steal! Usually they put their holidays items on sale a month before the holiday. I make it a point to hit up stores after holidays too. Sometimes you can get things for 70% or so off! It’s great to collect things the year before and be surprised the following year when you go to decorate.

I bought the orange string lights at {Target} along with the sparkly pumpkins. I bought the little black "Happy Halloween" grave at {Michaels} last year.

The lights look so wonderful all lit up. Unfortunately I didn't get any trick-or-treaters. It was really sad! I kept watching out the window waiting for them. I, sad, finally opened up the bag of candy I bought (which I should have just returned to the store) and ate candy and my sorrows away... okay I only had 5 pieces. My dad told me I should have made a trail of candy to my apartment, like Hansel and Gretel, but I told him that's how people end up in jail! Haha. Then, with all the extra candy, he told me I should have driven down the strip in Reno and thrown it out the window like a parade! Haha. I ended up taking it to work!

What is your favorite part of Halloween?