How to be Fashionable at Work

I'm feeling really inspired right now so I thought I would write. Even if no one ever reads these, I quite enjoy going back and seeing how I was feeling a year ago, two years ago. I like reading some of the insight I've had and lost, only to regain by re-reading posts!

I don't really have a point to this point except to say that for the first time in a long time I am so, so happy. And no, I'm not happy all the time. I have my moments. Times throughout the day when I feel like I am searching for more; like I am waiting the next great thing around the bend but I just can't quite get to it. I feel like something BIG is coming but I'm just not there yet.

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” -Oscar Wilde

But one thing that I am feeling is normal - back to my old self. Man I wish I could type as fast as I am thinking. All of my life I've seen what other people are doing and I've tried to be like them. And all of my life, I've failed miserably when I compared myself. Today I remembered {Dr. Mike} this 'hot' doctor from NYC who has like 2+ million Instagram followers. And reading through his Instagram, I love the message that you can be professional and still be fashionable, be normal, be funny... I've always had such a hard time with that. No, I'm not going to be the pharmacist who wears a white coat - I hate slacks more than life itself... don't even get me started on a suit coat (unless of course it's over a cute dress!). I've always felt like I couldn't be "myself" and be good at what I do... do what I do. 

Dr. Mike - fashion + professionalism

But I'm so wrong. Because when I am more myself, I am better at my job, I am happier, I make those around me want to be around me. At first, I thought it was vain to always post selfies.

There is this attractive new doctor at the hospital and instantly I was like I need to talk to him. And in my mind, I thought a cute doctor and a beautiful pharmacist - makes sense! My co-worker mentioned him once in passing and said he is super nice... so why not?! Then I started looking at pictures of myself and thought he is super hot and I'm not X [insert: hot, skinny, smart - chose your weapon of choice] enough to date him. Then I had to stop myself. Why, oh why, do I always do that. I put myself down. I just got out of a relationship with a guy who put me down a lot and sometimes I can be a little crazy and people are like "Bri, you are losing it! Haha." BUT WHY NOT?! Why do I not think that I deserve everything that I want. Yes a man might be attractive, and a lot of men who are unfortunately view it as a free pass to be shallow or a jerk, but not all men are like that. I'm attractive, smart... and I value myself. I try every day to make everyone around me happy. I try to never act conceited or rude. I never "whore" myself out for attention, go against my own values and beliefs, and I don't use my looks to use or hurt people.

Today at work, I was myself, the messy, silly, distracted, yet focused woman that I am. I was in the middle of a complicated medication reconciliation (the patient tells the nurse what they are taking at home, the doctor decides what to continue while the patient is in the hospital, and I, the pharmacist, make sure it makes sense and is safe)... anyways, I was in the middle of checking something when a technician hands me a card to sign. I don't read the card, of course, and seeing that the technician also has flowers for the person, sign "Happy Birthday - Bri".... Come to find out the person got a new job; it's not their birthday. And I sat there and laughed until I cried. Why can't a pharmacist do that? Why can't I be professional and funny yet serious and accurate. I'm better at my job when I'm having fun at work.

Here are few of the outfits I've been wearing to work.

Which allows me to segway. Yes it's probably a little weird a residency-trained clinical pharmacist has a blog. And posts about beauty, travel, fashion, baking... You would think I would spend all my time reading, that I would have to be a nerd, and that I couldn't wear skinny jeans with heeled booties, curled hair, and cat eyes?! I love what Dr. Mike says here:

"Usually, there's that stigma that you have to give up your life to study medicine. I've kind of battled that stigma my whole life, showing that you can be a normal person, have a social life — you know, enjoy your hobbies while still becoming a doctor." - Dr. Mike

Here's to the future and becoming the best all-round person I can be :)