Exuviance Beauty Haul

The other day I went to Ulta, looking for a face wash that would help get all my makeup off. I have been feeling like my current regimen is leaving makeup on my face. I was asked by the sale associate if I needed help and I told her my needs. She turned me away from where I was and I was brought over to the Exuviance sale lady.

I want to preface this by saying I HATE sales people and most of the time I only buy things based on reviews by other people. I understand that sales people are just trying to get you to buy their product. After much persuasion, however, I bought this cleansing cream. 

When you bought something that day you got a free gift which actually came with a lot of things!

And the results after a few weeks of use?? I am IN LOVE with this cleanser! I would highly recommend it! I use a Dove moisturizing soap followed by this cleanser to really get the concealer and foundation off. You may be asking "You wash your face TWICE?!" and the answer is yes!! It has been working soo well for me. My acne has decreased because I am really unclogging my pores and the cleanser leaves a moisturizing film on your face. During Blogmas, I will do a night routine post! I am seriously obsessed and again, my acne is so much better.

I think moisture was the key to my current acne! I tried, and LOVED, the face mask and eye pads. They are extremely expensive though, even on Amazon, so I have yet to purchase more.

I really did feel like my face looked better after the face mask and my eyes less puffy after the eye pads! 

I would HIGHLY recommend the pigment lifting masque, especially now that summer (and days soaking in the sun) are over. The eye treatment pads were also AMAZING! I want to buy more and do before-and-after pictures for you! I would recommend buying the products off Amazon to save money!

I would also like to say that I am going MIA until BLOGMAS! I have so much work to do to get ready so I am focusing all of my energy on that! I only have 4 days off until day 1! Hopefully I can get at least a week's worth of posts every 3 day off stretch I have. For Blogamas this year (sad I didn't do it last year) I am going to TRY to have all of my posts have a Christmas/winter/holiday theme. Blogmas for me is not only posting every day until Christmas BUT also sharing holidays festivities and ideas! See you in December! Cannot wait to share what I have in store :)