Things To Do in Wine Country | Jackson, CA

A few days ago I wrote a review of the National Hotel in Jackson, CA. Today I thought I would share some photos I took of the downtown. The town is the cutest thing in the world. Exactly what you would expect from a small town, full of charm and the best part - empty streets ;) I was obsessed with this mural. I wish I would have taken more photos of it and even a photo of my in front of it. Unfortunately this is the only photo/angle I took!

I thought this was a neat historical marker. Crazy to think about how many people died right where I was standing - although with the number of people who have lived and died, I bet there are very few places on the planet where people haven't died at one point or another!

Because I visited in October, the street poles were decorated with corn stalks... seriously how cute is that?! I love small town charm. It makes me miss Montana!

I love the details of all the store fronts. There is something wonderful about things that are old - brick, brass, etc. Craftsmanship was so much better; people took time and care building things instead of cutting corners to save money. 

If you look in the upper right corner, on top of the building, you can see a speaker. The entire main street buildings had speakers on them... And they were playing jazz. It was so magically to walk down the street to jazz being played. I cannot tell you how much I loved this little town, and how much I needed a break from city life!