Adorable Fall Home Decor

I was boycotting fall decor for a while because one it didn't feel like fall and two my new townhouse is so much BIGGER than any other place I have lived. I would have to spend soo much money on items to decorate it completely for fall. But I went to Target one night and ended up finding just enough fall decor to decorate my fireplace, which I now LOVE!

I eventually want to get a puppy but I am waiting on that for now! This garland was $12.99 and I again think it works great for fall and winter! PS I am already Christmas crazy. Although I didn't do much decorating for fall, I am going to go CRAZY for Christmas. I want to decorate every inch of my house!

I am glad that I went in person and looked at these though because there were a few things online that I wanted but saw in the store and didn't like them. This sign is smaller than I thought but still a steal at $5.

I hope you enjoy my fall decor and a little preview of my new townhouse! As I get my townhouse decorated, I will slowly start sharing more photos :) I want to make sure it's complete first!

I thought the last two photos were fun artistic photos so I decided to include them... a little less status quo in terms of blog photography but fun none the less!

Although I am making money, I didn't work for 8 weeks so my first few paychecks I was paying off credit cards. Now I am slowly splurging on things but it's still taking a while to get my wardrobe and townhouse update. It's definitely going to be a process, especially with ski season coming up (I need new boots, skis, poles, helmet, etc!), but I am excited to finally start getting my house in order and buying some new clothes!

I bought this adorable little tree for $15. I thought it would work well for fall and Christmas, so it's worth the investment! Batteries are NOT included!