Eldorado Great Italian Festival

As I just moved to Reno, I have been trying to attend every event and festival Reno has to offer. Reno really is the biggest little city because it has that small town charm while still having an abundance of things to do. Last Sunday, I headed downtown and enjoyed the {Eldorado Great Italian Festival}.

For 35 years, the Eldorado has brought the sights, sounds and flavors of Italy to downtown Reno. The outdoor festival, held annually over Columbus Day weekend, is a celebration of Italian culture and tradition. Downtown Reno is transformed into Little Italy with a grape stomp, sauce cookers competition, wine walk, an Italian farmer’s market, kids’ gelato eating contest, Italian Buffet and incredible, free, live entertainment and vendors.

It was really fun to get out of the house and explore the city. My coworker and I ran into a nurse from the hospital who let us try her family's amazing "secret" sauce for free. She also gave us a very big free glass of wine and a t-shirt, which my coworker and I wore all night. We are unofficially (officially?) part of "The Bianco Family". Love it!

One of my favorite types of photos to take are candid photos of people. I love capturing people interacting, laughing, living life. I would love even more a shutterless camera so I can take pictures of people without them hearing, but I don't think they are as good. I need to learn how to just take pictures of people and not be embarrassed.

I posted the picture below on Instagram (follow me {here}) and it was reposted by one of the local companies {here}, which was an honor!

I'm slowly getting better at asking people to take pictures of me at events... and trying to teach them how to take decent ones. Nothing worth than someone taking a zoomed out, unfocused photo of you.

We missed the wine walk; however, there is always next year. I am starting to fall in love with Reno and I really hope my life allows me to stay here. Reno reminds me so much of my college town of Missoula... and maybe it's not the town but my mindset. When I moved to Missoula for pharmacy school, I was freshly out of a 4 year relationship and ready to find myself. Five years later, I find myself in a similar situation. But what I love most about Missoula, and so far Reno, is the lack of perfection - if that makes sense. Where I grew up, everything was new and a lot of people had money. Here, things are older and run down; they have charm, people from all walks of life live and thrive here. I feel as though I can experiment with who I am and what I like without feeling judged.. such a good place for some self discovery!