Best Breakfast in Reno, Nevada | Battle Born Cafe

On my first {wine walk}, I fell in LOVE with {Battle Born Cafe}. On my second wine walk, I was able to talk to the owners a little bit more and try their amazing food. Apparently, they aren't even officially "open" yet but via word of mouth, they have been at capacity, opening their doors if people wander in but not advertising. I still have yet to sit down and try their breakfast, but it's on my VERY long to-eat list.

I love their decor. You can spend an hour just wandering around and looking at everything.

I would seriously LOVE some of this "old school" kitchen decor in my own place!

The owner/cook (seen the in background) brought over all these wonderful toppings for our waffles. He also had some sort of cream cheese topping that was to die for. Seriously, the waffle was one of the best waffles I've ever had. Dang it... now I'm craving a waffle!

My camera was sitting on the counter open and I decided to snap a photo. I love photos at these angles. (Hard at work making us fresh waffles!)

This cool old car was parked outside. Not sure if it is associated with the cafe or not but it fit so I snapped a picture. Their opening day is Nevada Day, Friday October 28th and I am going to try to make the grand opening. I would LOVE to photograph the cafe either during another wine walk or during a review when I eat there. I love the decor and could spend hours photographing :)