Alibi Ale Works | Tahoe Brewery & Public House

When I was in Tahoe, I stopped at one of the local breweries and took some photos. I also met some pretty awesome locals who live in the area. They gave me a bunch of advice for things to do. It was an amazing day - much needed after my last few weeks. The staff was so amazing and they actually gave me a secret tour and tapped a keg so I could try a new cider. Some of the locals invited me to the beach to hang out after. I already had plans, but it was so amazing to remember that it's not that hard to make friends. After a few hours, a bunch of really amazing people were inviting me to hang out. I see so much potential and hope for my future here in Reno :)

Here is a link to their {Facebook Page}. 

They have delicious sours which are my favorite right now.

Their table is a Pac Man game. Seriously sooo cute.

They also have this gallery attached to the brewery where local artists can display and sell their artwork.