How to Repair Nail Holes in the Walls

The apartment that I moved into had nail holes left over in the walls. I decided to repair them so the walls looked better and so I could hang stuff where I want!

It's super easy to repair holes in the wall. All you need is:

Spackling - you can pick up at any home improvement or general store such as Fred Meyer or Target
A spackling knife - usually located right by the spackling
Touch up paint - note if it's been years since you've painted the paint might not match perfectly. Also make sure you buy the correct sheen aka glossy, flat, etc.
A paint brush
Optional: Sand paper - To smooth the edges if you are messy

First wash and dry the wall after removing the nail (of course!) to make sure that the wall is clean and dirt/dust free. Paint doesn't adhere very well to dirt

Second use a little of the spackling with the knife to fill the hole. Try to use a little as you can and use the knife to scrape off the extra. If you get a bunch on there, after it dries, you can go  back through with the sandpaper to smooth the edges. Let the spackling dry before painting and sanding. I usually wait overnight.

Finally paint over the spackling and you're done! Make sure that you get the paint in nice, even coats over the spackling!


Let me know if you have any questions or tips! :)