To Die For Ginger Snaps

Last week, I made some gingerbread cookies for work. I used the Betty Crocker gingerbread mix from the box! I was extremely surprised how good they were. One of my co-workers took a container home with her.

I bought cream cheese frosting because I was going to cut the gingerbread cookies into snowflakes and decorate them but I realized, after I bought all the ingredients and rolled the dough out, that all my cookie cutters are still at my parent's house.

Definitely make sure your butter is soft! I would recommend letting it to sit out the day before instead of microwaving it. It's so hard to soften butter in the microwave... I always melt it too much!

I love the way the dough looks all mixed up. It doesn't taste half bad either!

Because I didn't have a cookie cutter, I decided to roll the dough into balls, roll the balls in sugar, then flatten them into ginger snaps. In looking through all my supplies, I do have a TON of cupcake foils so I will be making some serious cupcakes in the future. I have this amazing coffee cupcake/cake recipe that I might share with you ;)