New Orleans Bourbon Pralines

When I was in New Orleans, I bought some pralines, mainly because they were on every street corner so I figured they must be famous to the area.

I bought the bourbon pralines because a guy I was seeing is into brewing. But we didn't it make it past the first date (I lost my car on the first date... I don't know why that would be a turn off?! Haha). Anyways, my mom and I tried these the other day and they weren't that great... They definitely tasted like bourbon alright! I'm going to take them to work to see if anyone there will eat them.

This creamy praline came in the cutest box ever! However the product, again, wasn't that good. The praline almost had a melted then hardened butter texture. Do you know what I mean? If you melt butter like to dip shrimp or crab in then you let the butter harden. I ended up throwing this one away :(

The caramel like pralines in the individual wrappers were SOO good. I ate all of them myself over the course of the month... another reason I need to get in shape in 2016!

Overall, I would buy the caramel like pralines again but not the rest!

Have you ever tried pralines?!