Unique Gingerbread Houses

What's the quote about good intentions?

So my plan for my gingerbread house this year was.... Gingerbread house attacked by dinosaurs. Notice the bite marks...

In my mind, it worked itself out perfectly. 

In real life? Toy dinosaurs are around $20.... EACH! And I'm super cheap. So I decided to give up on my idea, halfway. Here I used a knife to even out and smooth the edges before I glued the house together with frosting. The house goes together SO much easier this way.

All-in-all, my gingerbread house turned out 50% how I imagined. Unfortunately it's missing my dinosaur attack. 

But oh well! That's what I get for having too big of dreams without time or money ;) Hope you enjoy what I did get done.

Happy holidays, ya'll!

I thought I would throw this photo in, again for reliability. I have NO idea how people do anything nice and neat. I always make a complete mess when I take on, well pretty much everything. If you can't tell there is candy ALL over my floor. Funny side story, my ex from way back in high school knew I was a bit messy. Let's just say as a child, I couldn't wear white. Well, I bought a white prom dress and he, at dinner, wrapped me in the cloth napkin, pushed me up to the table, as close as I could get, and told me I could only order white foods. Haha at least he knew me, right?! ;)

PS. THANK God for Photoshop ;) Hahaha