Easy Everyday Makeup

Me without any makeup. I am an 100% natural blonde, as you can tell from my invisible eyelashes ;) I do tint my brows though to make the stand out more. As you can see, I have a lot of little acne spots and red marks from years of acne! No worries though, makeup to the rescue ;)

After! I will post the products I use SOON. I recently dyed my own hair (yikes - don't worry it turned out great) but it's a lot lighter than before. I am still trying to figure out what combos work best with the new color. 

Have you ever dyed your hair and looked in the mirror to realize that your old makeup look just wasn't going to cut it?

Right now I am LOVING a cat eye. Many people ask how I get mine so straight but to be honest, YEARS and YEARS of practice. When I was in high school, my best friend and I would spend Saturday nights doing our hair and makeup. We got very good at it after a while so now I can draw the line below freehand without needing to use a Q-tip to clean up mess ups... If only I would have known about blogging back then. 100% of what I did for a good 5 years was exactly what so many bloggers to today. Who knows, instead of becoming a pharmacist, maybe I would have been the blonde Zoella ;)

I would say about 95% of the time, I opt for a nude lip. I love nude lips with my complexion and the fact that they are soo easy to maintain throughout the day. There is nothing worse than wearing a dark lip only to have it get all over your face or teeth and you not know it!

I would love to hear your New Year's plans! What outfit are you going to wear? How are you going to do your makeup? Post below or tag me on social media!  Twitter Instagram