Christmas Tree Brownies

I found these adorable {Christmas Tree Brownies} on Pinterest and I knew I HAD to make them! Here is my "attempt". 

And by attempt I mean I went out with friends, had a few drinks, went to a Christmas party, had WAY too many drinks... then came home and attempted to cut the brownies into triangles. I failed miserably, but luckily if you add A LOT of frosting, you can't really tell.

As I was making the brownies, I realized I don't have any traditional round colored sprinkles. You know the ones... the classic ice cream, cake sprinkles like {Debbie}used. I did, however, have a bunch of leftover Christmas sprinkles that I was able to make work!

I made the brownies from a box, because box brownies really aren't that bad. I also bought the frosting for tinting.

You will need:

Brownies (+eggs and oil if you use a box mix)


Green food coloring

A decorating bag OR Ziplock bag of some sort

Candy canes

Sprinkles of your choice

Bake the brownies as directed on the box. The instructions recommended an 8" by 8" pan, which I went out and bought. I mainly did that because I always half follow instructions and it always back fires! Also, use parchment paper or tin foil to line the pan to make the brownies easier to get out. I thought it might make the brownies come out funny, but it worked really well. I used tin foil.

Let the brownies cool then cut them into triangles. I would HIGHLY recommend planning your cuts... there is a great example in the instructions I linked above. ***see below also!

Break the candy canes and  insert them into the brownies. I would recommend inserting them into non-side pieces ***think about this when you are cutting the triangles. It's more difficult to insert them into the sides because it's harder. Also I would recommend inserting the candy canes before decorating them with frosting so you can hold on to them better.

Dye the frosting then use a piping bag or Ziplock bag to zig-zag the frosting on the brownies to make them look more like trees. Quickly add sprinkles as the frosting will harden a little and make it harder for the sprinkles to stick, depending on the frosting you use... And you're done! Serve and enjoy with a glass of milk! :)


I'm going to go off on a little rant right now. A short rant. The point of my rant, if you don't want to read it, is live your life genuinely and don't compare yourself to others.

While I was trying to take a photo of my brownies, I dropped my phone on them... Oops! Thankfully I have a {LifeProof} case so no harm was done. But I decided to take a picture to show you that no photo is perfect,no person is perfect.

So many of my favorite bloggers and vloggers make their lives look perfect. Maybe they try to, maybe they don't. I understand not posting your kids throwing fits or your martial fights, but it's SO hard to relate to "perfect posts". I look at all these beautiful Instagram accounts, and it makes me feel bad about my less than perfect photos. But then I realize that the point of my blogs is not to be perfect, but to be relateable.

I want people to look at my photos, read my posts, and feel like they can relate to me, maybe even feel a connection. If you follow me on {Instagram}, you will see that I try to make every photo come to life. I don't add filters; I want them to be in true, real-life color. 

Don't feel bad when you see beautiful photos and don't compare yourself to anyone else. It takes practice and a million not so good photos to get one good one! Rant over :)

Happy Christmas Eve! Have a wonderful day tomorrow, even if you don't celebrate Christmas! :)