Easy Home Makeover | Paste Your Baseboards

I'll be honest, the title is a little misleading ;) No I didn't move or buy a house, but I did a little home improvement and it's made a huge difference.

The floor boards in my apartment had plenty of dents, scrapes, and black marks from use over the year. The floorboard in my kitchen was the worst. Whenever I cleaned my kitchen, I felt like my floor was still dirty because of the floorboards. So I decided to give them a new coat of paint. 

I used Scotch-blue painters tape to tape off the wall and floor. Then I washed the floorboards to get off any extra dirt.

Finally I spray painted the boards with a few coats and let that dry. I used flat paint because I'm not a fan of gloss. Plus most floorboards are painted with flat paint. You can totally do this project with paint and a brush also. I had this spray paint lying around. Also why it's rust-oleum. Haha I don't really need that inside but again, that's what I had).

 I do want to warn that you should practice with spray paint before you use it. I learned that the hard way on another project. Quick, light coats from far away are best; if you get too close, it's super easy to get drips and it's almost impossible to get them out. You pretty much have to sand down the wood and start from scratch.

P.S. I have SOO much to tell you. I will list some exciting things below.

  1. I have returned from New Orleans! Such a blast. I took about 400 photos so as I slowly weed through and edit them, I will post!

  2. I am going to apply to stay on at Saint Alphonsus in Boise! Which could mean so many things... including buying a house!!

  3. My parents are coming in a week for a week! I cannot wait. But it does mean I have SO much to do before then so that I'm not working the whole time they are here.

  4. Christmas festivities are underway! So many Christmas parties, skiing, decorating, baking! I cannot wait :)